UFC Fighter Kevin Holland Subdues Gunman in Houston Restaurant Shooting

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC)

For most of us, experiencing a shooting while enjoying a meal or a movie is the stuff of nightmares. For UFC fighter Kevin Holland, however, the restaurant shooting he experienced was an opportunity to protect his fellow citizens with his prowess in combat.

That’s not to say that the incident wasn’t terrifying for Holland. On the contrary, the fighter has said that he feared for his life. That said, not many of us can say that we protected 40-50 people by taking down an active gunman unarmed.

Around 11:30 pm on Monday night, a man stepped into Ra Sushi in Highland Village, pulled out a gun, and fired. Rather than ducking for cover, three men rushed the shooter and were able to subdue him, preventing any further shots and potentially saving the lives of dozens of patrons.

These three men were later identified as Kevin Holland, his friend Patrick Robinson, and another restaurant-goer. The panic alarm soon went off and the police arrived. By that time, however, the suspect was already being held by the UFC fighter and his companions.

Kevin Holland Reflects on His Actions During Active Shooting

In the moment, Kevin Holland and his friend didn’t give rushing the shooter a second thought. Instinct took over and their main goal was to protect themselves and their fellow patrons at any cost. Once he had time to reflect, however, he realized how dangerous the situation truly was.

In a series of Instagram stories, Holland gave his thoughts on the incident. “I laugh a lot, even when things aren’t funny,” Holland wrote. “I smile when I should frown. Super blessed and thankful to see today. Kiss ya kids, hug ya family, and treat random people with care. You never know what a mfer may be going through.”

Kevin Holland also released a set of merchandise commemorating the event. The shirt and hoodie simply read, “I’m OK.”

Incredibly, subduing the restaurant attacker wasn’t the first time Holland had such an experience. Last October, the UFC fighter was filmed apprehending a car thief, who he held until the police arrived.

Ariel Helwani, mixed martial arts journalist, praised Kevin Holland for his actions. Helwani writes, “A gunman opened fire in a Houston restaurant last night. 40-50 [people] were inside, per reports. 3 immediately took the gunman down, subdued him and took his gun away. No one was injured. One of those heroes? KEVIN HOLLAND. He did it again.”

Thankfully, the 24-year-old shooter is now in police custody. He faces charges of possessing a stolen gun and discharge of a firearm. And as he was already wanted for failing to appear in court on a criminal mischief charge, he won’t be free any time soon.