UFC Fighter Kevin Holland Takes Down Thief After Running Him Down on Foot

by Madison Miller

If there’s one person you don’t want to steal from, it’s likely a professionally trained UFC fighter. Although, in this case, you don’t even want to steal around them.

One person learned this lesson when they attempted to steal near UFC middleweight competitor, Kevin Holland. He has been fighting since 2015 and has competed for the Bellator MMA, King of the Cage, and Legacy Fighting Alliance in the past.

Holland is coached by Shug Dorsey, who lives in Sagina, Texas. He got an unexpected phone from Holland one morning.

UFC Star Kevin Holland Apprehends Thief

According to MMA Junkie, Dorsey answered the phone and Holland hurriedly asked if he was awake. Holland then said, “I’m chasing a bad guy and I’m right near your house. Yeah, somebody just stole a car and I’m following them.”

When Dorsey listened carefully, he could in fact hear the distant sound of screeching car tires. Together, the two coordinated and figured out what street he was on and what direction the alleged thief was going.

It all ended with the UFC fighter pinning the car thief to the ground, which was then posted on Instagram. Apparently, the thief had crashed twice during this chase. The person managed to keep driving the first time. However, the second crash did not end so smoothly. The two set out on a foot race.

Given his UFC background, Holland was able to easily run him down and trip him. Once he was on the ground, the man didn’t put up much of a fight at all. Dorsey said that he pinned the guy and held him until police arrived at the scene. He’s basically a UFC-style Green Arrow.

So, how did this all start?

Holland claims that he was driving and went to pull into a gas station. When he did so, he arrived at a scene of disarray and panic. Several witnesses were screaming that a car had been stolen just a few moments ago. He quickly located the car thief and hopped into his own car to pursue him.

Dorsey and Holland carried on a conversation all the way up until the crash and foot race happened. He heard the crash on the other side of the phone.

Holland In and Out of the Ring

Dorsey is adamant it’s all a great reflection of the kind of man Holland is outside of the ring. “He always does (things like this). People only see certain things. People only see what’s put in the media. There’s been several instances where he’s helped people out. It’s nothing new to me. If he sees somebody in a bad situation, he’s going to render it,” Dorsey told the news outlet.

In the fighting community, Kevin Holland has the nickname Trailblazer and Big Mouth for his tendencies to unabashedly trash talk his opponents in the ring.

It also shows that Kevin Holland can use his skills outside of the professional fighting world for a good cause. He did in fact get a pretty stellar takedown, after all.

This is the second time Holland has been in the news this past week or so. He recently went up against Kyle Daukaus at UFC Fight Night 193 on Saturday. The fight ended in a no contest.

There is a rematch scheduled now for November 13 at UFC Vegas 42.