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UFC Superstar Nate Diaz Goes Over The Top with Vulgar Call Out of Khabib Nurmagomedov

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Mike Stobe/Zuffa LLC

Nate Diaz recently called Khabib Nurmagomedov “a p****” due to the UFC lightweight champion failing to commit to coming out of retirement.

Diaz, the 35-year-old star from Stockon, California, isn’t impressed with Nurmagomedov’s “wait-and-see” approach about coming out of retirement this year. Either that, or Diaz simply isn’t a fan of the idea of moving down to the 155-pound lightweight division without having the chance to be the one to take down the champion himself.

Whatever the case may be, Diaz fired a shot at the Russian fighter via social media on Saturday. His comment comes not long after UFC president Dana White made the announcement that Nurmagomedov would wait to watch UFC 257. Depending on results, Khabib will make his decision on a return.

Diaz took to Twitter to express his frustration posting, “[Khabib] is a p**** for real.”

Nurmagomedov has yet to respond to Diaz’ comments. However, rising UFC welterweight star Makhachev Islam, one of the Khabib’s training partners, said that Diaz is a “clown” for the post.

Nurmagomedov, also known as “The Eagle,” has been in talks with the UFC president in recent days about a potential return to the octagon. As it turns out, White revealed Nurmagomedov will only return if he is impressed enough with Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier in their rematch next weekend. 

In the meantime, Khabib Nurmagomedov will hold on to his lightweight title as he takes in McGregor and Poirier’s second meeting at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi.

Nate Diaz Slapped Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2015

Saturday evening’s tweet isn’t the only time tempers have flared between Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov. In fact, another incident took place at the World Series of Fighting (now the Professional Fighters League) in 2015. The fearsome Russian was watching his brother fight on the same night as Jake Shields. Diaz and his brother happen to be good friends with Shields.

Diaz recalled the altercation when speaking with Ariel Helwani back in October of 2019.

“I’m not into this bully s***, he’s [Khabib] into bullying and stuff, that’s his thing,” Diaz says. “When I ran into him and his team at the World Series, I was standing there watching Jake, my friend, fight. And they took a group picture with me behind them, just to laugh at me, make fun of me.”

That’s when Diaz thought Khabib had taken it too far, and he slapped the lightweight champ in the face.

“[Khabib] is like, ‘Ah, come on, man’ and they’re all laughing, 12 Russian dudes,” Diaz continued.

“I slapped him in his face for making fun of me and I’m like, ‘What?’ And he didn’t do nothing. I was outside furious. So I waited for him to come out there and I went to get him again and he ran off.”

Security arrived and escorted the younger Diaz brother out of the arena, before tempers flared once again at UFC 239.