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UFC Star Nate Diaz Chokes Out Man In New Orleans Street Fight Ahead of Fight with Jake Paul, Dana White Reacts

by Suzanne Halliburton
nate diaz
Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Nate Diaz, the UFC legend, was mixing it up Friday night in the French Quarter, fighting a Logan Paul lookalike on a street in front of a New Orleans bar.

And Nate Diaz, who will face Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, this summer, definitely had the upper hand in this brief fight, as he quickly choked out his opponent and dropped him on the curb. Of course, some bystanders took out their phones to video the action. And of course, the clips went viral.

According to Bloody Elbow, a site that covers martial arts and combat sports, Nate Diaz’s opponent likely was TikTok personality Rodney Petersen, aka not Logan Paul.

Earlier in the evening, Diaz was sitting ringside at a Misfits boxing event at XULA Convocation Center in New Orleans. He’d been rowdy there as well. Bloody Elbow reported that he threw a water bottle at a reality star. Read on for more details about that altercation.

But first, let’s get a reaction from Dana White, who checked out the Nate Diaz video while he was playing black jack with friends. He knew immediately the unfortunate opponent wasn’t Logan Paul. White marveled at how Diaz “choked him out,” He then added “that guy’s head bounced like a f–cking basketball.”

And bad news for Diaz, White predicted he’s “going to get sued like a motherf–ker’.’

Like we said, earlier in the evening, Nate Diaz was taking in a Misfits Boxing event, with the fight between Chris Avila and Paul Bamba serving as the main event. And for whatever reason, he tossed a water bottle at Netflix reality star Chase DeMoor. TMZ Sports reported that DeMoor had heckled Diaz, who was sitting behind Diaz. And after Diaz threw the bottle, the two nearly came to blows. DeMoor tried to throw a chair at Diaz. So, Diaz worked himself up for a reason.

Afterwards, DeMoor taunted Diaz via Twitter. “Nate Diaz decided to get mad and throw a prime bottle on me, that’s cute bro. … just next time don’t run. And stop spending your nights in the club trying to use your dried up MMA career to pull college girls while you’re out in New Orleans.”

Nate Diaz will fight Jake Paul, the YouTube-star-turned-boxer, on Aug. 5 in Dallas. It’ll be the real thing and not a street fight against the lookalike of Jake’s older brother. The boxing match is set for eight rounds with men fighting at 185 pounds.