UFC’s Dana White Rips Jake Paul-Anderson Silva Fight

by Chris Haney

Ahead of UFC 279 tonight, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, shut down any talk about Jake Paul’s next fight. While Paul’s next bout will see him enter the ring against UFC icon Anderson Silva, White isn’t interested whatsoever.

While speaking to TMZ following up to UFC 279 in Las Vegas, there’s been plenty of drama to talk about surrounding the event. That includes a cancelled press conference for everyone’s safety because of a backstage fight. Plus, main event fighter Khamzat Chimaev missed weight by more than eight pounds. Obviously, there’s been more than enough storylines to discuss heading into Saturday night. So, when White was asked about Jake Paul (again), he wasn’t having it this time around.

“I don’t care about that,” Dana White told the TMZ reporter during his interview. “I literally was saying the other day, everybody keeps asking me about Jake. This guy’s not even in my sport!!”

“I don’t care,” White added emphatically.

The UFC president and Jake Paul have been locked in a feud and have become heated rivals in the last couple of years. Paul frequently calls White out for not paying his fighters more and providing better health care. In return, White often criticizes Paul’s relevance in the fight world and downplays his victories in the ring.

Previously, Dana White called out Jake Paul saying he didn’t stand a chance against Anderson Silva. White said that fight would never happen, but its officially moving forward as of last week. In a video Paul posted on Instagram, he announced the matchup using old footage of White talking about Silva. He may not want anything to do with Jake Paul, but the YouTuber seems to have found a way around that.

UFC President Dana White Is Used to Absurd Fight Questions

Although Jake Paul is technically a boxer these days, he doesn’t fight in any sanctioned pro bouts. Each of his fights are pay-per-view exhibitions, and so Dana White doesn’t put much weight in them. Yet Paul’s fights aren’t the only ridiculous bouts the UFC president gets asked about.

A few years back, White made an appearance on TSN where he was asked about his hypothetical ultimate fight card. Now, this is no normal list made of actual fighters. No, this is a fight card made up of fictional characters and Hollywood stars. One of the highlights of this absurd list was fictional boxing legend Rocky Balboa taking on fictional assassin John Wick.

The famous roles portrayed by actors Sylvester Stallone and Keanu Reeves respectively will never cross paths in any future Hollywood films. But who would win between Rocky Balboa and John Wick?

“Rocky stands no chance in that fight,” Dana White said immediately. Later on, he emphasizes his decision when saying that Rocky “dies gruesomely” in a fight against Wick. Elsewhere in the fight card, we’ve got Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris and Batman vs. Wolverine if that gives you any sense of how absurd the matchups truly are.