UNC Dad Goes Completely Unhinged Attacking Virginia Tech Student Section: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

Welcome back, college football. Where else will you find a University of North Carolina father go nuts on a Virginia Tech student section?

This is an incredible scene that you can see below. On Friday night, UNC played Virginia Tech at the Hokies’ home field Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va.

An article from OutKick indicates this father was possibly hearing some heckling from the Hokies’ student section. Maybe he saw or heard something that absolutely led him to charge that group.

Funny thing, though. This UNC father decided he needed to set the record, ahem, straight. You can see in this video that he was looking for a target. After he found a specific student, the UNC parent storms in there all by himself.

UNC Parent Found Out Hard Way That Virginia Tech Students Fight Back

One thing he didn’t really think through was that he is all alone. He didn’t call for backup. He didn’t even text his family and say, “I’ll be back.” Nope, he just ran toward a specific student, pulled back, and let a stiff right-hand fly.

When he started smashing and banging students’ heads, Virginia Tech students then came to their fellow schoolmate’s rescue.

Want to add insult to injury for Pops? His North Carolina Tar Heels lost to the Hokies, 17-10.

But football games that feature fan misbehavior isn’t exactly new. Some people might consider this as par for the course. It really is not par at all.

OK, let’s take a minute or so and watch the UNC parent take on many Virginia Tech students. Get your popcorn ready, Outsiders.

And those fans simply didn’t care for the UNC parent’s well-being. But you can see that one Virginia Tech student reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder.

Maybe he was trying to stop him. Maybe he was just looking out for his fellow students. We don’t know for sure.

Meanwhile, this UNC parent was getting picked up and probably arrested by Virginia State Patrol officers. They decided that Pops needed to behave himself. You can see one of them make a beeline for the parent as he’s warmed by Virginia Tech faithful.

If that had been a fair fight in the Octagon, then who would win? One UNC parent was as mad as a hornet against a sea of Virginia Tech students. Hmm, we think that the Hokies’ students would prevail. You know, like, they have the numbers game cornered here.

Finally, in the game itself, the Hokies jumped out to a 14-0 halftime lead. Coach Justin Fuentes had his football players working hard, keeping Coach Mack Brown’s squad to just 10 second-half points.