University of Texas Fan Arrested After Allegedly Attempting Moronic Stunt With Live Bull Mascot

by Chris Haney

On Saturday, the University of Texas Longhorns took on the University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners at home in Austin. After a slow start, the Longhorns dominated in the second half to win 41-20. However, one Texas fan got a little too excited and made a stupid decision to jump onto the field mid-game. Yet the fan had no intention of rushing the field like most invaders. Instead, he attempted to climb into the pit that contained Longhorns mascot Bevo.

For those that don’t know, the U of Texas has a real live longhorn named Bevo as their mascot at football games. Bevo’s handlers bring him out onto the sideline before every game. Then, he stays in a special pit created for the longhorn during the game off the sidelines of the field.

Late last night, & reporter Anwar Richardson shared details about the Texas fan and Bevo incident. Shockingly, no footage is circulating online yet of the person trying to get into Bevo’s pit. However, Richardson reported he’s seen two clips of the incident.

The reporter shared a “person with issues” tried to mount Bevo at first. However, a police officer “pulled him down and arrested him.” About an hour later, Richardson corrected his account of the incident after seeing a less grainy video. The Texas fan did attempt to get into Bevo’s pit, but the officer tackled him before he could try to climb on top of the huge longhorn.

While Richardson called it a “crazy scene,” thankfully Bevo wasn’t hurt in the encounter with a fan. The individual is lucky he didn’t get hurt either. Bevo weighs in at over 1,100 pounds and it wouldn’t take much for the longhorn to inflict some real damage.

Texas Fans Go Wild as Lee Corso Spikes Alabama Helmet on ‘College GameDay’

Last weekend, Texas fans had more wholesome fun with College GameDay in town instead of terrorizing poor Bevo. ESPN‘s popular pre-game show rolled into Austin for the Longhorns’ huge matchup against the Alabama Crimson Tide. And per usual, Lee Corso got the home crowd hype before kick-off when choosing between a Texas and Bama helmet.

The usual GameDay crew fired up the crowd in Austin, including Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, and Rece Davis. But Corso stole the show with his patented routine of presenting both teams’ helmets to the crowd. The 87-year-old went back and forth lifting up the Longhorns’ white and burnt orange helmet to cheers from the home crowd. Then, he’d lift up Bama’s crimson and white helmet to a chorus of boos.

Eventually, the college football analyst slammed the Alabama helmet to the ground, which pleased every Texas fan to no end. Then, Corso grabbed the Longhorns helmet once again and held it high and kissed the side of it. The College GameDay crowd in Austin, Texas loved every second of it. Corso has been pulling off his helmet routine for years, and as his co-host Kirk Herbstreit wrote in his tweet, it “NEVER gets old.”