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Urban Meyer Apologizes to Jacksonville, Calls Firing ‘Heart-Breaking’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It was a rough year for Urban Meyer. After being fired in Jacksonville, the formers Jaguars’ head coach has finally spoken out.

Urban Meyer was without question one of the biggest head-coaching hires in the league the last offseason. However, a series of scandals and poor on-field performances paved the way for the Jacksonville Jaguars to dismiss their first-year head coach earlier this week. The Jags were 2-11 under Meyer’s watch.

“I just apologize to Jacksonville. I love Jacksonville. It’s one of the reason’s I took the job,” Meyer told “I still think Shad [Khan’s] a great owner. It’s heart-breaking.”

Not only has the whole situation been heartbreaking for Meyer, but he also said that he is “devastated” by his dismissal. He had big dreams for the city and the team and unfortunately, those dreams were never able to play out the way he had hoped.

“I just had a dream of it becoming a destination place with a new facility he agreed to build and someday to walk into that stadium where it’s standing room only. Because I know how bad the people of Jacksonville want it. So, I’m just heartbroken that we weren’t able to do that. I still believe it’s going to be done. It’s too good of a place.”

Urban Meyer Was Fired for Cause

As we mentioned above, the Urban Meyer era in Jacksonville didn’t last long. Not only that but his short time as an NFL head coach was also riddled with various scandals. Despite all of this, Meyer told that he still thought he had the locker room’s attention and that they were headed in the right direction as a team.

“I go back to the last game we played, and man, our defense kept going and going,” he said. “And our locker room was great and they kept just pushing and pushing and people kept going and not complaining. I really felt still in my heart once we get this…my gosh we hadn’t scored more than a touchdown in five weeks or whatever. Once we get this organized, we could flip this thing. I mean this year. Man.”

Off the field, meanwhile, Meyer has been the name involved in several controversial reports. Earlier in the year, the former head coach was pictured sitting awfully close with a young woman that was not his wife. In addition, several Jaguars players have spoken up about incidents with the coach. That includes an argument with wide receiver Marvin Jones and a kicking incident involving kicker Josh Lambo.

When you crash and burn quite as hard as Urban Meyer did in his one and only year as the Jags coach, you almost have to take immediate accountability. As for whether or not Meyer places any of the blame on the players, that’s a different story.

“I don’t believe in blaming players, I don’t believe in that,” Meyer said. “I was really disappointed.”