Urban Meyer Quitting the Jaguars to Become USC’s Head Coach is the Fairytale Ending Football Fans Deserve

by Suzanne Halliburton

Hello USC, this is Urban Meyer. About that job opening you have right now, how soon do you need me? Tonight is fine. Send the jet.

College football fans were abuzz at the news of USC firing Clay Helton as their head football coach, Monday, two days after the Trojans lost to Stanford. And many pondered if Meyer, who has coached all of one game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, would be ready to ditch his brief NFL experiment and head west.

Meyer was one of the best college coaches in the game, winning national titles at Florida and Ohio State. But he also took time off for health reasons and became a TV analyst after both jobs. But this last time, rather than jumping back into the college game, Meyer became head coach of Jacksonville this year. His team lost its opener to the Houston Texans in brutal fashion on Sunday, 37-21.

Would Urban Meyer jump to the Trojans? Fans were pleading with the college football universe to make it happen. Or else, they were joking that it should happen because it would be so very Urban Meyer.

One such fan tweeted: “That noise you hear is Urban Meyer on the next flight to LAX.”

Another wrote: “We make jokes but BUDDY. If USC got a top tier coach? It’s scary hours. It’s all fun and games until Urban Meyer REALLY show up lmaooo.”

And: “Everyone rushed to make different variations of the same Urban Meyer joke, and folks, they’re all great.”

Urban Meyer Won National Titles at Two Schools, But He Spurned College Offers to Head to NFL

Urban Meyer won three NCAA championships — two at Florida and one with Ohio State. He took a leave of absence from the Gators saying he was doing so because of his health. And he did the same in December, 2018 with the Buckeyes. Three years ago, he said he was retiring from coaching.

But Jacksonville plied him away from Fox Sports back in January. USC boosters really wanted him, too, until he turned towards the NFL. Meyer’s Jaguars selected Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the top pick of the NFL draft. But Jacksonville lost to the Houston Texans and it’s going to be a long season.

So cue the Urban Meyer to USC jokes, again.

Jacksonville is paying Urban Meyer a ton of money. Reports suggested that he asked for $12 million per year. It’s not clear whether Jaguars owner Shad Khan paid him that much. But for context, Alabama’s Nick Saban is the highest paid coach in college football. He earns $9.3 million. USC athletic director Mike Bohn, in announcing the Helton termination, said that the new coaching search could last several months. The college season is only two games old.

Would USC try to lure Urban Meyer away with a big cash offer? The Reddit college football social media account is anticipating some action.

“Urban Meyer about to announce a move to LA to treat some health issues.”