U.S. Olympic Team Blasted for ‘Pretentious’ Outfits at Opening Ceremony

by Samantha Whidden

Following the amazing opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Twitter users took to the social media platform to shred the U.S. Olympic team for wearing “pretentious” outfits during the event. 

Comedian Molly Mulshine took to her Twitter account to share her reaction to the Olympic team’s outfits. “Why do the Team USA outfits look like they’d report you to HR for cursing,” she tweets with snapshots of the team’s opening ceremony outfits. 

Molly wasn’t done with her criticism about the Olympic apparel. “They are the lady with the ‘communal’ bowl of candy on her desk who looks you up and down in a judgmental manner whenever you take some. These outfits picked me last in gym class every time. It’s like Oliver Trask and Blair Waldorf had a baby, and it fired me.”

Followers of Molly’s account also chime in about their thoughts about the Olympic team’s outfits. “Love that the Ralph Lauren logo is the same size as the Team USA logo,” one follower wrote. Another follower states that it’s basically the same outfit every Olympic Games. “Jeez, can they get another designer?” 

There are more than 600 athletes on the U.S. Olympic team hit year. Familiar fan favorites representing the U.S. at the 2021 Olympic Games include Simone Biles (gymnastics), Caeleb Dressel (swimming), and Kate Ledecky (swimming). 

Who Was Picked As U.S. Olympic Flag Bearers For the 2021 Games?

Those selected as the U.S. Olympic flag bearers were Sue Bird of Team USA’s Women’s Basketball team and Team USA baseball player Eddy Alvarez.

According to ABC News, Bird had learned about her being selected as the flag bearer during a team practice on Wednesday (July 21st) from Team USA teammate Diana Taurasi. “Obviously, I’m not making a speech,” Bird states. “But anything I get has to do with the people [who] are here and do it with me.”

Alvarez took to his Twitter account to thank everyone who honored him with the privilege to be an Olympic flag bearer. “I will wave our colors proudly!” 

Team USA Women’s Soccer Experiences Shocking Loss Against Sweden During The Games’ Opener 

Meanwhile, Team USA Women’s experienced a shocking loss against their rivals Sweden during the Tokyo Olympic Games opener. The USA team fell to Sweden in a 3-0 game.

Megan Rapinoe of Team USA spoke about the loss on Wednesday by stating, “We got our a** kicked, didn’t we?”

Rapinoe then says she thought the team was a little tight and nervous. Just doing “dumb” stuff. “There’s no time to dwell and think about if Sweden is living in our heads and not. We’ve got another game in three days. It is what it is. We got bopped.”

Team USA is set to play against New Zealand on Saturday (July 24th).