US Open Tennis Twitter Account Disses Seattle QB Drew Lock, Seahawks Respond

by Patrick Norton

It doesn’t matter who takes the crown on the clay, the US Open’s Twitter administrator already clinched the tournament. Unfortunately for Drew Lock – the current QB1 for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks – the victory comes at his expense.

When one aggressive tennis-denier responded to a tweet from ESPN’s SportsCenter Twitter account with a highlight from an earlier match, saying, “not a sport”, the tournament’s official page took exception. The fan – identified only by his handle “@seahawksfan2314” – had no way of knowing the official account had full authority to go scorched-earth.

Unless Drew Lock’s burner account is @seahawksfan2314, the response is a little harsh for the struggling pro. But his franchise has his back, posting a less-than-cryptic message on Twitter shortly after the original response:

The message implies the rest of the world is sleeping on Drew Lock as an NFL starter. However, it’s far from an easy sell to a fan base going from a decade worth of Russell Wilson to the shaky Mizzou grad.

How Likely Is It @seahawksfan2314 Gets 17 Games of Drew Lock?

Acquiring Lock in the trade with the Denver Broncos that sent Russell Wilson to the AFC almost felt procedural. Maybe the quarterback breaks out into a bonafide starting quarterback. But bouncing around the depth chart with Case Keenum and Teddy Bridgewater is hardly a ringing endorsement.

As the season approaches, acquiring a starting quarterback appears the likeliest of outcomes. Furthermore, it seems as though Seattle is honing in on Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield. However, Cleveland’s in a holding pattern until the Deshaun Watson case with the NFL ends. Whereas the bridge between Mayfield and the Browns appears burned to a crisp, both parties are leaving the door open for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Lock is left in limbo. But for now, his team’s Twitter account is defending the possible Week 1 starter.