USA Olympian Brady Ellison Calls Wearing Flag an ‘Honor,’ Says Bringing Politics to Games ‘Taints Everything’

by Samantha Whidden

USA Olympian Brady Ellison is speaking out about other Olympians bringing politics to this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games

During an interview with Fox & Friends on Sunday (July 18th), the American Olympic archer states that the major international multi-sport event is “inherently anti-political” so there is no reason to bring up politics at the Tokyo 2021 games.

“When it comes to the Olympics, this is truly one of the most unpolitical pieces of sport that we have,” the Olympian explains. “And when you bring politics into it… I think it just kind of taints everything.”

Brady then says that he hopes the Americans who choose to bring politics into the mix by turning their backs from the flag would use their voice. He wishes they would do so rather than alienate themselves from the country they are representing in the upcoming Olympic Games. 

Ellison also shares his thoughts about representing the US during the Olympic Games this year. “Representing the USA is representing all the people. Everything that we have in the USA, good and bad, and our flag. I think a lot of people want to be on an Olympic team, no matter where they’re from, to represent their country at the highest level of sport.”

Ellison then adds that wearing the American flag is an honor. He would have to think that most of the people representing the country are definitely “in that boat” he’s in.

Brady Ellison’s Fox & Friends Chat Follows the Release of Olympian Gwen Berry’s Time Magazine Interview 

Prior to Brady Ellison’s comments, fellow US Olympian, Gwen Berry, interviewed with Time100 Talks about the criticism she received during the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials.

During the medal ceremony for Women’s Hammer Throw, the Olympian turned away from the American flag when the anthem played. She reveals that she turned every “which way” and didn’t just turn the opposite way. “I was turning around during the singing of the national anthem,” she states. 

The Olympian also says she doesn’t respect something that doesn’t stand for all people, especially minorities. “I feel like we know the story. Blacks get the worst treatment here,” she explains. “We are treated as human beings. Our lives are not regarded.” 

Following the incident at the Trials, Republican congressman and US veteran, Dan Crenshaw, called for Berry to be removed from the team. She was also criticized by former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.

Speaking about the criticism, the Olympian states, “My response to [the criticism] is that I earned my right on that podium, I earned my right on the team. I’m not saying I’m not proud to represent America. If anything, I am [being] extremely American by stating my rights.”

The Olympian adds that she has the right to peacefully protest. “I am protesting for America to be good for everybody. And just not for the elite or the white supreme.”