USC, UCLA Set To Leave Pac-12 Conference, Join Big Ten In August 2024

by Jonathan Howard

In the most shocking NCAA sports news of the year, USC and UCLA are set to leave the Pac-12 in order to join the Big Ten. Many believe this is the beginning of two megaconferences. Expect to see the Trojans and Bruins competing in their new conference in August of 2024.

There is speculation that the Big Ten and SEC have their eyes on other teams. Remember, Texas and Oklahoma are joining the Southeastern Conference. If that does happen, then there will be more news on the way. However, for now, this seems like the big news for the day.

Statements from the Pac 12 and Big Ten

When the news was leaked earlier today everyone was waiting to hear it from the conferences themselves. The Pac-12 put their statement out first, getting ahead of the Big Ten.

In part, the statement reads, “While we are extremely surprised and disappointed by the news coming out of UCLA and USC today, we have a long and storied history in athletics, academics, and leadership in supporting student-athletes that we’re confident will continue to thrive and grow into the future.”

The conference also remarked that they will build on the success of the member parties still there.

Meanwhile, the Big Ten had more of a joyous statement. Commissioner Kevin Warren said, “The unanimous vote today signifies the deep respect and welcoming culture our entire conference has for [USC] … and [UCLA] … I am thankful for the collaborative efforts of our campus leadership, athletics directors and Council of Presidents and Chancellors who recognize the changing landscape of college athletics, methodically reviewed each request, and took appropriate action based on our consensus.”

The news has come as a shock in the college athletics world. This sets up a future that no one can predict. USC and UCLA in the Big Ten — it’s happening.

Twitter Explodes After USC and UCLA Accepted into Big Ten

Of course, with news like this, there’s going to be all kinds of reactions. From joy to laughter, to tears of sadness and anger, it’s all there if you look. Among the main reactions was the fact that these two California teams will be playing in the Midwest. The cold. Snow. Rain. It’s going to be a tough time for some of those West coast recruits.

Others offered their suggestions for what the Pac-12 should do at this point.

You just have to look at things with clear eyes and a strong mind sometimes. And that means thinking up how the Big 12 is going to end up on top of all of this. No one knows what might happen with these teams or any team in any conference at this point. But, is it possible that the sneaky Big 12 ends up with a 16 or 18-team conference after all of this?

With USC and UCLA on the move to the Big 10, coast-to-coast conferences might be the new thing. Oklahoma and Texas will join the SEC next year, and conference realignments change by the day. It’s a good time to be a college athletics fan. Lots of change, a new era, and a lot of questions to figure out along the way.