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Utah QB Cam Rising’s Helmet Goes Flying After Massive Hit, Fans Can’t Believe He Got Up

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

There are some college football players that are just built for the moment, and Utah’s Cam Rising is one of those players. As the Utes tried to extend their 24-17 lead over USC, Rising tucked and ran. In an attempt to get a first down, he laid it all on the line.

The snap came out a little early, surprising Cam Rising it seemed. He didn’t like what he saw downfield and started to run. He was just a yard or so from the first down before he was absolutely leveled by a Trojans defender.

You won’t see a harder hit this weekend or a player get up quicker from a big hit than this play here.

One fan was able to sum it up perfectly.

“Cam Rising gets speared and comes up smirking that’s savage as hell.”

How Did Cam Rising Get Up After That Hit?

You really can’t do anything but appreciate all aspects of this play. The quarterback goes out and tries to make a play. He’s willing to do anything to get to that first down. Meanwhile, the defender comes down and delivers a great hit. There was no malicious intent here, just football being played ast a fast and high level.

“Cam Rising is a straight baller. Got his block knocked off and popped up smiling. Dang,” another fan said about the hit.

When you watch Cam Rising play, who does he remind you of? It is hard to do comparisons in football. Players can have so much style and personal touch to the game. However, one person got this comparison right.

“Cam Rising plays football like he’s a member of the jackass crew. I am incapable of paying someone a higher compliment,” another viewer tweeted out.

This is the Pac-12 Championship! For Utah, there is a lot of pride to play for, even if they don’t have a chance at the College Football Playoff. As for the USC Trojans, they do have a playoff spot to play for. Right now, Cam Rising is putting it to them and not letting up. He’s gone toe to toe with Caleb Williams this whole game.

Let’s just try to keep the helmets on for the rest of the game.