WATCH: Vicious Brawl Unfolds Among Fans at SoFi Stadium During Chiefs-Chargers Game

by Dustin Schutte
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, NFL fans were treated to one of the best Sunday Night Football games of the season. The AFC West showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers came down to the wire at SoFi Stadium.

While most fans in attendance enjoyed a great game between division rivals, a few got a little out of control. At one point during the contest, a handful of fans started trading haymakers while in the stands at SoFi Stadium. It got pretty ugly, too.

TMZ Sports obtained video footage from the fight, which actually appeared to unfold pretty close to the field.

After about 30 seconds, more fans jump in to slow down the altercation. According to TMZ Sports, witnesses say no security ever stopped by to check in on the situation, however, there were no other incidents between the parties.

It’s unclear what prompted the fight at SoFi Stadium on Sunday night.

Speaking of Bizarre Things Happening During Sunday Night Football

A fight unfolding at an NFL stadium isn’t exactly uncommon (unfortunately), but it’s also not a regular occurrence. You know what else isn’t very common during a football game? A player lying about shattering his television.

During Sunday’s game, injured Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman claimed that he broke his television by throwing his remote. A lot of folks on Twitter believed the receiver — because who would lie about that?

Well, apparently, Mecole Hardman would lie about it.

Thanks to some internet sleuthing that unfolded after Hardman shared a photo of his TV, it was discovered that the receiver’s claim was fake. In fact, the image that he used for his photo is the first video that pops up on YouTube when searching for “broke TV.”

Several on social media called Hardman out on his lie.

“Is it a requirement to be a liar, dirty, or annoying AF to be a Chief?” one fan wrote. Another chimed in and shared the image of the same YouTube screen, saying “Damn Mecole we have the same broken screen.”

At least for Hardman, his embarrassment was covered up by the fact that the Chiefs posted a 30-27 comeback win over the Chargers.