Video Appears to Show Alabama WR Jermaine Burton Hit Female Fan After Loss to Tennessee

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images)

Alabama Crimson Tide junior receiver Jermaine Burton allegedly smacked a female fan following his team’s 52-49 loss to the Tennessee Volunteers Saturday.

Tennessee fan Emily Isaacs posted a video on her TikTok account, showing Burton walking by and appearing to smack her. The incident occurred after fans inside Neyland Stadium stormed the field moments removed from Chase McGrath’s game-winning 40-yard field goal.

“Jermaine Burton smacking me in the head while walking past him after their loss Saturday,” Isaacs captioned the video along with a thumbs up emoji and #ouch hashtag.

Alabama is currently investigating the incident, per ESPN.

“We are aware of the situation with Jermaine Burton as he was exiting the field Saturday,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said in a statement Wednesday. “We are currently working to gather more information.”

The SEC fined Tennessee $100,000 for its second offense of the league’s field access policy. A $250,000 fine will be levied if the university violates the policy a third time. An SEC official told ESPN that fans storming the field after games is a “recipe for disaster.”

“This is why we have these rules,” the official said. “It was a great scene, but it’s also a recipe for disaster when you have emotional players walking off the field and fans running around by them and celebrating.”

Knoxville Goes Crazy Following Tennessee’s Upset Victory Over Alabama

Fans dressed in orange and white not only invaded the field, but ripped down the goalposts within minutes of their celebration. The goalposts eventually found their way into the Tennessee River. Turns out, goalposts aren’t cheap — around $150,000. And with Tennessee having to turn around and host the Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks Saturday, it would behoove the school to find some new ones.

Because of the quick turnaround, the university is asking fans for some help. The school created a fundraiser in an effort to raise the money necessary to replace the goalposts.

“Y’all remember how we tore the goalposts down, hauled em out of Neyland and dumped em in the Tennessee River?Yeah that was awesome,” the school wrote on Twitter. “Anywho, turns out that in order to play next week’s game, we need goalposts on our field. Could y’all help us out?”

In less than two hours, the school had already raised nearly $30,000.