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Video: NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a ‘Big Fan’ of Shredded Beef Jerky

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images)

As anyone who is a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. may know, he is a huge fan of beef jerky. In particular, he’s a big proponent of Jack Link’s Shredded Beef Jerky. In this video of his podcast talk show, “The Dale Jr. Download” he explains this insatiable love for the meat.


As Earnhardt whips out the jug of “snuff-like jerky” everyone in the office cringes. Although, to his delight, he can’t wait to share it with everyone there. But, as he opens the jug and beings to pull out the cans of shredded jerky, his co-host finishes his sentence. “I brought you guys your very own…” Jr. begins, before co-host and brand manager Mike Davis interjects, “Cat food!”

Rather an apt description, Earnhardt himself follows up by calling it, “flavored sawdust.”

“I’m just gonna pour it in.” As Mike Davis finishes pouring half of the can of jerky into his mouth and the rest down his shirt, he pauses, smiles, and notes that, “this is awful.” To which they all note, “think of the future deal we had… you’ve ruined it forever.”

At any rate, the rest of the clip is the four, apparently comedians now, talking about Davis coming around to liking the jerky. Earnhardt is emphatically enthusiastic about the change of heart.

Earnhardt Jr.’s Sponsorship

While Earnhardt is one of the most popular NASCAR drivers of all time, he certainly crushed it on the track too. Now, in life post-driving, he is honed in on the media world. Although, as he states explicitly: “We really don’t have a shredded beef jerky deal. Promise.” It seems like only a matter of time before Jack Link’s starts to sponsor his stuff.

Moreover, Jack Link’s team apparently has reached out and thanked them for the free sponsorship of their product. Maybe the future will have Earnhardt Jr.’s face on the jerky bags instead of Sasquatch’s.