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Video Shows Brittney Griner Working While in Russian Penal Colony

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

Brittney Griner is at home in the United States and reunited with her wife and family. She had a hard time in Russian custody. The WNBA star was detained and arrested in Russia back in February. She was then sentenced to nine years in a penal colony.

As Brittney Griner came home, there were leaked photos and even a video showing life inside the colony. She has short hair, a big change from her long dreadlocks. She apparently cut them off after they froze in the extreme cold.

The video that was released shows Griner at work. It looks like she and other prisoners were working with some kind of textile. In a blue work jumpsuit, she is seen talking to another person and pointing down at her work. She is trying to understand the instructions given to her in Russian.

The video, which you can see via, demonstrates the conditions that the basketball star was faced with. Given her height and the size of her hands, Griner apparently couldn’t do other jobs such as sewing. Instead, the 6’9″ athlete was moving fabric around all day. The video appears to show her filling a bag with fabric.

In most of the photos, Brittney Griner can be seen in a green prisoner uniform. They showed her eating, making her tiny twin-sized bed, and interacting with others. While the worst part is over, Griner will take her time recovering from this ordeal.

Brittney Griner Arrived in San Antonio

When Brittney Griner finally touched U.S. soil, it was in San Antonio. There, the plan was to get her whatever medical support and help that she needs. She was also reunited with her wife Cherrelle and her parents. After going through what she went through, it must be such a great relief to finally be back with family.

Today, there has been a number of messages from other athletes. LeBron James and Steph Curry both came out with kind words for Griner. Social media has been full of mixed reactions due to the fact Griner was swapped with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. Overall, it is a good thing to have Griner back where she belongs.

Who knows when or if she will return to her life as a basketball star, she will need time to recover. This had to be very traumatic for her to go through. With all of the support she has received from her fellow players and the WNBA, Griner will be able to take her time making that decision.