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VIDEO: Skunk Invades the Bleachers at Cleveland Browns’ FirstEnergy Stadium During Bucs Game

by Taylor Cunningham
Martin Harvey/Getty

Cleveland Brown fans may have celebrated a big win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, but the success was briefly overshadowed when a skunk invaded FirstEnergy stadium and stole the show.

A video posted by Twitter user Madison Kerley showed the black and white critter running into the stands during the first half, which caused the sea of orange to part. Fans stood idly and watched as they prayed that the skunk wouldn’t spray its noxious oil into the crowd. And the fact that people didn’t flee proves just how devoted Cleveland Browns fans truly are.

“Why are people not running away?”@mbehiels asked in the comments. “Skunk takes weeks to get rid of and you have to burn your clothes… ffs.”

People are loving the strange encounter, and, as expected, the story is causing a string of jokes online. If NFL fans are anything, they’re masterful sh** talkers.

“The crowd finally got something interesting to watch,” wrote @jakethesnakeoh.

“Just another Browns’ fan trying to find his seat,” added @boomska316. “What’s the big deal?”

“Now we know why the Browns stink,” @WordsofDred joked.

The Cleveland Brown’s Skunk Has Been Dubbed ‘Good Luck LePew’

People noticed that the skunk had a positive effect on the Cleveland Browns, however. While the foul-smelling creature was running about in the stands, it seemed to keep the on-field fouls to a minimum. And the team ended up pulling off a win despite its rough start to the season.

So now, people are guessing that the animal will become the new good luck charm or team mascot. In fact, within an hour of the clip’s posting, someone opened a Brown’s Rally Skunk Twitter page.

“That’s Good Luck LePew,” joked @FiffNjm.

Interestingly, a possum visited the Browns stadium in 2018. And when it did, the team had its first win in 635 days. The same animal returned to the stands two weeks later, and the team beat the Baltimore Ravens 12-9 in overtime. So, it’s not entirely crazy to think these encounters are symbols sent by the NFL gods.

In today’s game, the Browns managed to tie the Buccaneers 17-17 with only one minute left in the fourth quarter. Nick Chubb then got a win in OT with a three-yard touchdown.

No one knows where the skunk wandered to after making its appearance. But maybe we’ll see it make a return in a few weeks to help the team pull off another unlikely victory.