Vikings Fan Rocked by Huge Punch in Wild Brawl: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

Another week, another football game brawl. This week’s fight is brought to you by Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers fans after yesterday’s game.

Following the Vikings’ overtime win against the Panthers on Sunday afternoon, a huge fight broke out between opposing fans. As fans exited section 102-101 on the lower level of Bank of America Stadium, an argument quickly got out of hand.

Two middle-aged men in purple shirts and white hats obviously have an issue with a group of Carolina fans. To one of the men’s credit, he tries to hold his friend back, but to no avail. The Vikings fan seems to get a little too close for comfort for one female Panthers fan, and she lets him have it. It’s all downhill from there.

Vikings Fan Refuses To Let Up, Immediately Regrets It

The woman in a black t-shirt and Panthers cap lashes out with a backhand slap to the Vikings fan’s face. As the pair are immediately separated, she continues to go after him attempting to kick at him. Finally, other bystanders are able to separate the groups, but it doesn’t last long. Regardless of the attempts to calm things down, the exact opposite ensues.

In the background, a man in black takes down another middle-aged man in jeans and a white shirt. Our original purple-shirted aggressor is also back for more action. Pushing and shoving along with lots of screaming takes over as the Vikings fan won’t let up.

As one can expect, the shoves eventually turn into punches. The Minnesota fan is thrown to the ground at one point in the brawl. As he tries to stand up, a Panthers fan rocks him with what looks to be a knockout punch. Yet the Vikings fan shockingly gets up and continues on looking for someone to fight.

We’re not sure what caused the brawl. However, you can hear Panthers fans screaming that the Vikings fan followed the woman and her friends into the corridor. Therefore the argument may have started during the game while still in their seats. No matter what the reason is for the disagreement, there are no winners in this situation.

Vikings and Panthers Fans Aren’t Alone in Their Stupidity

It’s likely the combination of hard-hitting action on the field, diehard fandom in the stands, and numerous adult beverages that lead to fights at sporting events. It may not happen at every game thankfully, but no one seems to blink an eye when they do occur.

Dating back a few weeks to the beginning of the season, two Chicago Bears fans at a Los Angeles Rams game seemed ready to take on the entire home team crowd. An argument broke out in the stands, but spilled over into the corridor after the game. The Rams fans struck first as at least five of their fans seemed to jump the two Bears fans.

As ugly as the scene is to watch, at least whoever filmed it added some comedic relief by editing their video with Carl Douglas’ 1974 classic song “Kung Fu Fighting” in the background.

“So… a heated argument broke out in the 1st quarter and escalated to a full blown #brawl after the game,” the fan posted on Instagram.