Vince Lombardi Hologram Kicked off Super Bowl LV: How It Was Received

by Emily Morgan

If you’re about to head into footballs’ biggest game of the year, a pep talk from NFL legendary coach Vince Lombardi might calm your nerves.

That’s exactly what happened on Sunday. Even though the former Green Bay Packers coach died over fifty years ago, it didn’t keep him from attending Super Bowl LV.

A hologram of Lombardi, who led his team to five Championships, including two Super Bowls, took the field to give an inspirational speech to the Chiefs and the Buccaneers before the kickoff.

During his speech, Lombardi gave his words of encouragement that seemed eerily relevant today.

“We arrive as one with courage, with stamina, with teamwork.”

He continued, “Now after all the cheers have died down, the stadium is empty, after the headlines have been written, a measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”

Despite the good intent, some on social media were caught off guard by the unusual guest.

Things took an even weirder turn when Lombardi’s hologram was displayed on Raymond James Stadium’s scoreboard. However, the hologram was actor Russ Hutchinson, not Lombardi.

On Twitter, some users also referenced the Tupac hologram.

Some users felt unsettled or uneasy about seeing the long-dead NFL legend in hologram form.

One user tweeted, “I’ll be honest. I’m still recovering from how bad that Lombardi hologram was.”

“Did anybody find that Vince Lombardi hologram a bit creepy?” @worshipthepig said.

Others were impressed by the display, or at least captivated.

@ChuggsVi said, “That Lombardi hologram was insane.”

“Hologram Tupac would be proud. Seriously thought that Lombardi speech was dope,” tweeted popular 2K video game developer Ronnie 2K.

Vince Lombardi Words Of Encouragement Still Relevant In 2021

After the legendary head coach broke historical records as ahead coach, the NFL named the Super Bowl trophy after Lombardi.

During the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi led his Packers to victory when they took on the Chiefs and Raiders. At the time, the NFL called the game the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

Before the Super Bowl wins, the Packers won the NFL title in 1961, 1962, and 1965. Before Lombardi snagged the job as Packer’s head coach, he held the title of offensive coordinator for the Giants.

In 1970, The NFL named the trophy after him following his tragic passing from cancer.

Earlier in 1966, then-NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and Tiffany & Co. Vice President Oscar Riedner came up with the trophy’s sketch.

Each winner gets to keep the trophy, which includes the number, the teams, date, location, and the final score.