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Vince Wilfork’s Son Pleads Guilty To Stealing Father’s Patriots Super Bowl Rings, Other Memorabilia

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

In a strange case that involved Vince Wilfork’s son stealing his Super Bowl rings, there has been a conclusion following a guilty plea. The initial arrest took place in 2021. However, since then, there has been a back and forth on what will happen with D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork. In total, Holmes-Wilfork stole more than $300,000 worth of memorabilia from his former-NFL player father.

Of course, Vince Wilfork won two Super Bowls while playing as a defensive lineman for the New England Patriots. He might not be in the league anymore, but his quarterback still is. It was earlier this month when Holmes-Wilfork pleaded guilty to theft of property greater than $300,000.

It wasn’t just Super Bowl rings that were taken, either. Among other items were two AFC championship rings as well as a college football national championship ring from back in his father’s Miami days. Other jewelry was taken as well and was included in the total that Holmes-Wilfork pled guilty to.

Judging from how this whole case has played out, Holmes-Wilfork likely wasn’t in a good place when he did what he did. No one steals from their parents if they are doing well. So, it seems that something was worked out here. In return for the guilty plea, all of the memorabilia will be returned. And, Holmes-Wilfork will serve five years of probation. He will have to keep his nose clean during that time.

District Court Judge Jared Robinson presided over the case and made the decision. The deferred judgment gives the guilty party the chance to prove they can turn things around. Hopefully, that’s true.

Vince Wilfork likely wants to put the fact that his son stole his Super Bowl rings behind him. The five-time Pro Bowler is hoping to help his son.

Vince Wilfork Putting His Son’s Super Bowl Ring Theft in the Past

Five years of probation is serious, and could lead to something more in the future. Although, it is clear that the family is trying to work through things. It could have gone through and the case been tried, resulting in a worse penalty for Holmes-Wilfork. However, the former NFL star is trying to move on. An attorney for Holmes-Wilfork issued a statement.

“The outcome that emerged from the case was a result of much self-reflection and healing on the defendant’s part and the willingness of his parents to forgive him and show him unconditional love with the sincere hope that he can be rehabilitated and go on to live a happy and productive life, Mark Aronowitz said, quote via

So, it looks like things are being worked out. Vince Wilfork is going to get his items back and his family is going to try and come together to lift each other up and not tear one another down. People will do a lot to get a Super Bowl ring, even from family.