Viral Graphic Shows Which MLB Stadiums Have the Cheapest, Most Expensive Beer

by Dustin Schutte

Beer and baseball. It’s one of the greatest combinations summer has to offer, and enjoying an ice-cold beer is something done in MLB stadiums across the country. The price, however, changes depending on location.

Team Market Report recently shared a graphic of the cost of beer, depending on MLB stadium. It’s a great way to discover just how much you’re paying per ounce for your refreshing barley-pop this summer.

Which stadiums are charging the most? According to the data from the graphic:

  • Boston Red Sox: 79 cents per ounce
  • San Francisco Giants: 75 cents per ounce
  • Chicago White Sox: 67 cents per ounce
  • Chicago Cubs: 66 cents per ounce
  • Washington Nationals: 62 cents per ounce

What’s the old saying? A moment on the lips, forever on the wallet?

If you’re looking for a cheaper route for a tall, cold beer, there are some options out there. Here’s a quick look at some of the more reasonable stadiums:

  • Colorado Rockies: 25 cents per ounce
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: 36 cents per ounce
  • Toronto Blue Jays: 36 cents per ounce
  • Los Angeles Angels: 38 cents per ounce

There’s no question, some stadiums are gouging fans on the price of beer. Others are at least a little more reasonable when it comes to the cost of a refreshing beverage.

The Cost of Attending an MLB Game, in General, is Ridiculous

Beer isn’t the only cost MLB fans have to endure during the baseball season. Just the price for a family of four to attend a game is reaching ridiculous levels.

According to The Hustle, the price for a family of four to attend an MLB game costs more than $200. That’s if you include tickets, four hot dogs, two soft drinks, two beers and a parking spot. And that’s just the average.

For fans of the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees, the average is over $300. The cheapest price tag belongs to the Arizona Diamondbacks at $126.34. The Miami Marlins are the only other MLB team in which the cost is under $150.

The MLB season is 162 games long. That means each team plays 81 home games. You’d think a family of four might be able to attend one of those games at a lower cost.