LOOK: Viral Photo Shows Kansas City Royals’ Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich with Reese’s Cups and Bacon

by Bryan Fyalkowski

A tweet went viral this morning featuring a unique BBQ sandwich from the Kansas City Royals. The team has had it for sale this season at Kaufmann Stadium. Not only does it have pulled pork and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce – this sandwich also has miniature Reese’s Cups and bacon on it.

This sandwich was released before Opening Day. Still, Kari Steele’s tweet has brought attention to the matter four months after the fact.

Kansas City has earned the status as one of the premier barbecue cities in the nation. But this monstrosity is questionable at the very least. I imagine many Kansas City barbecue aficionados would not claim a sandwich with Reese’s Cups and bacon for their city.

I imagine this would run at least $15 at an MLB ballpark – if not more. Personally, I would not be willing to drop a pretty dime on something that might have me listening to the rest of the game from the bathroom. All of that being said, I would be curiously inclined to take a bite if one was offered to me.

Kansas City BBQ Sandwich Overshadows Field of Dreams Uniform Reveal

Many fans were drooling – or gagging – over the Kansas City Royals’ BBQ sandwich this morning. But there was a more appealing bit of MLB news actually released.

The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds unveiled their throwback uniforms for MLB’s second annual Field of Dreams game, as the NL Central rivals are set to face off this coming Thursday, August 11.

The Cubs will sport a cream-colored uniform with navy blue piping around the neck, down the front and around the sleeves. Chicago’s logo shows a bear holding a bat at its waist, located inside of a red “C” with a navy blue outline. The cap is all navy blue to match, with a lone bear as the logo – no “C” at all.

Meanwhile, the Reds will have white uniforms with dark blue pinstripes. Cincinnati’s featured logo on the chest has “REDS” in the middle of a red “C” with a black outline. But in my opinion, the coolest part of the Reds’ entire getup is the cap. Very unique, very cool, very old school.

As usual, Chris Creamer of www.SportsLogos.net has an informative write-up on the threads. So, now that you have read our opinions, tell us what you think: Which team boasts the best throwback uniforms?