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Viral Video Claims to Show Drew Brees Being Struck by Lightning While Filming Commercial

by Amy Myers
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Earlier today, a video surfaced showing Drew Brees behind the camera, starring in a commercial in Catatumbo, Venezuela. Seconds into the clip, it appeared that lightning may have struck the former NFL quarterback before it abruptly ended.

“Star of the @NFL @drewbrees was struck by lightning in Catatumbo while we were recording a commercial south of Lake Maracaibo. It happened a few hours ago. More information shortly…” tweeted local filmmaker, Rafael Hernandez, originally in Spanish.

Apparently, the commercial was for PointsBet. Drew Brees was acting as the brand’s ambassador when the lightning strike shook the ground. In a responding tweet, PointsBet stated that they are refraining from giving a formal statement on the potential accident.

“We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees. We are in communication with Brees’ team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment,” the company tweeted.

Catatumbo’s lightning is a unique, natural phenomenon that tourists from around the world come to see. Likely, the dramatic weather made for an ideal backdrop, albeit a dangerous one.

Since the clip surfaced, folks have been trying to get in touch with Drew Brees to see if the claim holds any water. Katherine Terrell, an ESPN reporter for the Saints, stated that she was successful and that the quarterback was alive and well.

“I just texted Drew Brees. He said he’s good and that he did not get struck by lightning,” Terrell shared.

Strangely, Brees, himself has yet to clarify or even comment on the matter, only adding more confusion to the conversation.

NFL Fans React to News of Drew Brees’ Potential Accident

Meanwhile, fans were quick to the comments with their hot takes on the situation in order to make light of it.

One fellow fan even asked Terrell, “when you started your journalism career did you think it would lead to you texting Drew Brees asking if he was struck by lightning?”

Another posed, “Sounds like something someone who got struck by lightning and acquired super lightning powers, but was trying to keep it from people until he reveals himself as a superhero (or supervillain) sometime in the future.”

Others couldn’t resist but to make a few Chargers jokes.

“Wow he’s still getting revenge on the chargers,” a third fan joked.

Not surprisingly, a fair amount of folks are sure that the clip and the resulting conversations were all a part of a publicity stunt. It’s not quite clear who would have started such a fiasco and who were simply bystanders to the ensuing mess. As new information continues to roll in, Outsider will keep fans updated.

This is a developing story.