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Virginia Tech Cracking Down on ‘Embarrassing Student Behavior’ at Football Games

by John Jamison
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Who knew there was such thing as embarrassing behavior at football games? The Virginia Tech student body has raised enough concern during Hokie games that the school issued a statement promising to restrict attendance. Bad news for “Enter Sandman” at Lane Stadium and music to the ears of visiting teams.

In all seriousness, the behavior in question isn’t the typical rowdiness you’d expect to encounter at a high-profile college football game. Fox News reports that the new Virginia Tech policies came about due to near tramplings taking place at the stadium entrances.

The school presented a united front. Among those listed on the statement were the vice president of student affairs Frank Shushok Jr., athletic director Whit Babcock, and police chief Mac Babb. Their statement addressed the inappropriate behavior.

“Over the last several weeks, we have heard too many stories of selfish, inappropriate, and embarrassing student behavior at home football games. What we have heard falls short of Virginia Tech standards. And most importantly, creates an unsafe environment for all who attend,” part of the Virginia Tech statement reads.

The crowds reportedly outnumber the available tickets for home games. And masses of people have managed to get in without buying tickets. But the school is introducing extra security, law enforcement, and gate entry procedures to curb this problem.

“Student attendance will be restricted to season ticket holders and a more limited number of student lottery winners. Students are expected to follow all new guidance for gate entry,” Virginia Tech stated as two points of emphasis going forward.

The concerns likely came to the school’s attention in part due to an online petition a student started. Addressed to Virginia Tech Student Affairs, the petition claims that students “are being treated like cattle, not people” in and around Lane Stadium.

Speaking of Embarrassing Behavior at Virginia Tech Football Games…

We’re all excited about football’s return. An entire season of games played in empty stadiums took its toll on fans everywhere. Perhaps getting back to 70,000-plus spectators in Lane Stadium after such a long time is contributing to the behavior Virginia Tech is seeing.

Either way, the Hokies season opener saw UNC come to Blacksburg. The most embarrassing moment didn’t come at the hands of a Tech student. A UNC dad, who certainly knew better, charged the Virginia Tech student section and started throwing punches.

There’s no way of knowing what the catalyst was here. Maybe the UNC fan just woke up seeking violence. It’s possible. However, more likely is a classic case of some back and forth football game taunting that got out of hand.