Von Miller Spotted Taking Selfies With Buffalo Bills Fans During Blowout of Tennessee Titans

by Sean Griffin

The Buffalo Bills are currently continuing their 2022 barnstorming of the league. After a romping of the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1, their dominance continued Monday night. During their Monday Night Football contest against the Tennessee Titans, the Bills have dominated the Titans through four quarters. Von Miller was already celebrating before the game ended in a 41-7 victory for Buffalo.

Von Miller, who previously starred on the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Rams, signed a six-year, $120 million deal with the team back in March. Miller has played sensationally through two games, picking up right where he left off during the Rams’ dominating Super Bowl run.

During their blowout of the Titans, Miller made sure to take selfies with fans in the stands. In this video posted by SportsCenter’s Twitter, Von Miller trots over to a group of fans.

Once there, he takes their phone and snaps a selfie these fans won’t ever forget.

“Von Miller taking a selfie with fans during the game,” the account wrote, adding a laughing-tears emoji.

Plenty of fans reacted to the hilarious videos, posting their thoughts to Twitter.

“He seems so cool!” one person wrote.

One Broncos fan wrote about how the fan interaction isn’t uncommon for the friendly Miller. “He is the best. At Broncos training camp he was always doing things with fans when nobody else was,” they wrote. “Playing catch with them, autographs galore. Get another ring Von!”

“He’s a man of the people,” another agreed.

“Beast,” one user commented.

Another person took the opportunity to commend the Bills, providing an interesting prediction for their season. “Bills are going 20-0 sorry. They are just too dominant on both sides of the ball. This is chess vs checkers and men vs boys,” they wrote.

Von Miller and Bills Celebrate Win; Bills Release Update on Injured Player

The Buffalo Bills released an update on defensive back Dane Jackson after his scary on-field injury during Monday Night Football’s matchup between the Bills and Tennessee Titans.

“CB Dane Jackson has been taken to ECMC for evaluation of a neck injury,” the official Buffalo Bills account tweeted. “He will be getting a CT scan and an x-ray. Jackson has full movement in extremities.”

During a tackle, Jackson’s neck was pushed against Tremaine Edwards in an awkward fashion, and he was eventually carted off the field.

“Team ambulance is carting Dane Jackson off, Edmunds fell into and bended back Jackson’s neck while making a tackle, it looked bad,” wrote Brian Chojnacki, a local Buffalo reporter tweeted, attaching a photo of the ambulance and the team gathered around.

Dane Jackson played football at the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted by the Bills in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He was elevated from the practice squad multiple times last year, including before the AFC Championship Game.

Fans responded to the news of Jackson’s health. “He’s in my prayers,” one fan wrote.

Another fan said: “They were having so much fun and then this happens. Just awful. It looked really bad.”