Von Miller’s Girlfriend Releases Statement Following Reported Criminal Investigation into Broncos’ Star

by Madison Miller

Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller is currently under investigation by the police in Parker, Colorado.

According to ESPN, the crime has not been revealed but police confirmed that “if the investigation determines a crime has occurred charges will be submitted to the DA’s office for their review.”

Von Miller and Megan Denise

Some speculation circulated that the charges were related to domestic abuse against his ex-girlfriend Megan Denise. However, Denise recently released a statement stating that those claims are not at all accurate.

“In light of recent media reports regarding my relationship with Von, I feel that I need to address a couple [of] things … First and foremost, at no point in our relationship was there any type of physical abuse or violence by Von, whatsoever. For anyone to say otherwise or speculate such is wrong. With regards to my (previous) social media posts, a part was misconstrued and taken out of context,” Denise wrote in an Instagram post.

A social media post she had made prior to her explanation was taken out of context by her fans. She is now saying that she regrets it and is sorry for bringing attention to herself and Von.

“I do regret making a private situation public, and in doing so, bringing unwanted attention to both Von and myself. Von and I are excited to be welcoming our baby into the world and are committed to raising our child with love and compassion, together as a family,” Denise wrote.

The post was of screenshots of messages from an email address allegedly belonging to Miller. The messages said things like “This is the biggest mistake of my life” and “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage.”

Miller denied these claims on social media, “Fake News. Lol. The reality of somebody leaving you make people literally crazy. Classic Trap.”

Future with the Broncos

No charges have been filed at this point in time. Colorado attorney Harvey Steinberg will be representing the NFL player in court.

The Broncos are aware of the situation. They released a statement to the public.

Miller missed the 2020 season due to an ankle injury. There were other issues back in 2013 when he had a six-game suspension for violating the substance abuse policy. He also had a warrant for his arrest due to missing court for traffic violations.

This is the final season of his six-year contract. He signed a $114.5 million deal in 2016. If they decide to release Miller before the end of his contract they will face a $4.125 million hit.

Von Miller had 46 combined tackles in 2019 as well as 12 assisted tackles. Miller is an eight-time Pro Bowl selection and NFL’s MVP in 2015.

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