Washington Commanders Fans Sit Under Possible Sewage Leak at FedEx Field: PHOTO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Patrick Smith / Staff

If you’re looking for a reason to watch NFL games from home, we may have it. In a bizarre occurrence, it’s been reported that sewage has leaked onto a fan attending a Washington Commanders game at FedEx Field on Sunday.

In addition, this isn’t the first time this has happened. 

Currently, it’s unclear as to what kind of substance was leaking, but we know it ruined one Commanders fan’s entire day. 

Last fall, a pipe busted at FedEx Field. As a result, it leaked liquid all over the fans sitting below. While officials were persistent that it was not sewage, irritated fans claimed otherwise. 

Then, two months later, it somehow happened again. Regardless of this mystery liquid, there was a clear issue with leaks at the stadium. Then, the putrid problem continued into this year.

The NFL stadium had yet another leaky pipe during Week 1. Thankfully, it happened in the concourse, meaning it didn’t affect fans all that much.

During that incident, FedEx Field dispelled fears of a sewage leak, reporting that the spill was rainwater. They later moved the fans to luxury suites for the remainder of the game. However, some people still had their doubts.

However, on Sunday, some fans got a rude awakening. Here is a TikTok someone took of the incident during pregame. As viewers will see, it spattered directly onto where someone would be sitting during the game.

Unlucky fan uses towel as liquid leaks on him during Washington Commanders game

As expected, no one remedied the leak before kickoff, and as a result, a fan, with bad luck, had to have his game day ruined. The fan got dripped on during the entire game. In fact, the leak got so bad that he had to put a towel over his head in order to keep him from getting completely soaked.

Again, it’s unclear what the exact contents of the leak are. However, it’s safe to say we’re glad we weren’t there to find out. However, if sewage did, in fact, leak on someone at FedEx Field in the past, it could be possible this was sewage as well. Having foul toilet water drip on your dome while trying to enjoy a game seems like a miserable experience. It’s safe to say we feel for the poor guy.

As for making it right, officials should refund the fan the money he spent on his tickets, regardless of whether it was sewage or not. In addition, officials should gift the unlucky fan premium tickets to a future game on the Commanders’ dime — just a thought. However, we know one thing for sure: Washinton needs to hire a plumber. Pronto.