Washington Commanders Sued Over FedEx Field Railing Collapse

by Jonathan Howard

Last year NFL fans saw the video of Washington Commanders fans leaning on a railing and then falling over once it collapsed. It happened when fans were taking in a game between Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles in January 2022. After the game, QB Jalen Hurts was exiting the field as fans reached over to interact with him, that’s when the railing failed.

So, the incident at FedEx Field has now led to four fans suing the Washington Commanders as well as FedEx Field stadium contractors. The suit is over negligence related to the railing incident. The fans are Andrew Collins, Morgan French, Michael Naimoli, and Marissa Santarlasci. According to their claim, they are all still receiving medical treatment as a result of the injuries they suffered on that day.

Washington Commanders Railing Collapse

The injuries listed include muscle strains, cuts, and contusions. At the time, most folks were happy to see QB Jalen Hurts emerge with no injuries. He avoided having the railing and the fans falling on top of him by just a narrow margin. However, the New Jersey residents did get hurt in the incident. They want compensatory and punitive damages from the Washington Commanders and the contractor.

“Defendants knew, or should have known, that extreme pressure (from the weight of leaning fans) would be placed on the railing between where the fans, including the Plaintiffs, were located and the tunnel below,” the lawsuit claims according to USA Today.

The contractor involved is Contemporary Services Corporation owned by Damon Zumwalt. They provide security at major events, concerts, professional and college sports, and more.

Jalen Hurts Ask NFL For Help

Right after the railing collapse in January, Jalen Hurts was all over the sports news. Really he was all over every news outlet. And it wasn’t just his involvement in the incident that garnered attention. Soon after, he wrote a letter to the Washington Commanders and the NFL. He also asked about looking into further steps that could be taken to prevent this in the future.

At the time, the Commanders’ team spokesperson said, “to our knowledge, everyone involved was offered onsite medical evaluation and left the stadium of their own accord.”

“We’re very glad no one appears to have been injured,” a team statement read. “The safety of our fans and guests is of the utmost importance and we are looking into what occurred.”

So, it sounds like this isn’t going away any time soon.