Washington Commanders to Honor UVA Football Shooting Victims With New Helmet Decals

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

On Sunday, the Washington Commanders will be sporting new helmet decals in honor of the three Virginia football players that were killed last Sunday. Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D’Sean Perry were killed during a shooting on campus at UVA, and they will be honored by the NFL team. Five students in total were shot and killed.

The tragic shooting sent a shock through the college football world. That ripple effect has gone out to the NFL. The Washington Commanders, being the local NFL team, are taking it upon themselves to help honor these players gone too soon, especially since Virginia canceled their home game this week.

Fans will notice three decals on each helmet. Stickers with 1, 15, and 41 on them, representing each player with their number on the field.

“Our hearts are with [Virginia football] and the UVA community affected by the tragedy.”

There have been all kinds of gestures from college teams, NFL teams, and of course, fans. While there are other things going on with the Commander’s organization off the field, this is great to see. During an awful time like what the UVA community is going through, it is wonderful to see a community try and come together this way.

Let’s see if the Washington Commanders can get another win this Sunday against the Texans. After taking out the Eagles 32-21 last week, they are on a bit of a hot streak.

The thing is, off the field the Washington Commanders are going through it. The fanbase has pressured them to sell the team, other NFL owners have pressured Dan Snyder to sell, and there are now two big-time lawsuits against the organization.

The D.C. attorney general filed a second lawsuit on Thursday. This suit states that the organization illegally took security deposits on season tickets and then used the funds for its own revenue purposes. I’m not 100% sure about all the fine details, but it sounds like the Commanders messed up big time.

So, the Washington Commanders have their hands full. They are on the verge of turning their season around, and their front office is scrambling trying to stop the onslaught of lawsuits from coming. This is going to get more wild before it calms down I think.