Washington Commanders Took an Embarrassing Loss on Social Media Before Week One Even Kicked Off

by Sean Griffin

The Washington Commanders defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-22 in a home matchup on Sunday. However, before the season even kicked off, the Commanders took an L on social media before the season kicked off.

Hours before the start of their Week 1 game against the Jags, the a Commanders-themed post started gaining traction on social media. NBC Sports’ Pete Hailey shared a photo of a coffee mug sold inside of the team’s FedEx Field.

The mug shows the team logo superimposed over an outline of Washington. However, instead of the outline of the District of Columbia, the product inexplicably features the outline of the state of Washington.

Washington, D.C. is roughly 2700 miles away from the state of Washington, so that’s a 2700-mile mistake by the Washington Commanders merchandising team.

“Embarrassing but on brand,” one account wrote, seemingly referencing how the franchise is famous for bungling things.

Another user joked that “Washington is taking that whole rebrand a bit far,” referencing the team’s switch from the nickname Redskins to Football Team to Commanders over the past few years.

“This franchise is a disaster,” another person wrote on Twitter. These harsh takes come in the wake of tema owner Dan Snyder refusing to accept a congressional subpoena.

A spokesperson from the committee released a statement recently and ESPN obtained the information.

The committee is investigating accusations of Snyder fostering a “toxic work culture” within the Commanders’ organization.

Mug Mistake Reflective of Washington Commanders’ Franchise Woes

According to ESPN, one of Snyder’s lawyers, Karen Seymour, declined to accept the subpoena. One of Synder’s attorneys declined the opportunity to testify in front of the committee with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell present.

“Mr. Snyder has not refused to appear for a deposition,” a spokesperson for Snyder told ESPN. “The Committee offered only one date — June 30 — and Mr. Snyder’s attorney is out of the country and unavailable on that date. Mr. Snyder’s lawyer has provided alternative dates to the Committee and looks forward to finding a path forward.”

The committee will continue to push to receive Snyder’s testimony.

“The Committee will not be deterred from obtaining Mr. Snyder’s testimony, and we remain committed to ensuring transparency about the toxic workplace culture at the Washington Commanders and the NFL’s inadequate response,” the committee spokesperson said.

Snyder took over ownership of the Washington Commanders organization back in May of 1999.

However, all is not lost: the team just defeated the Jaguars to start the 2022 season 1-0. Furthermore, many on Twitter seemed to want to purchase the erroneous mug.

“I must have this,” one person tweeted. Another user retweeted the image, saying: “if this is real…I want one.”

We’re sure the Commanders will scrap the design soon, but it would be a hilarious collectors’ item for Washington fans.

Given all the turmoil on and off the field, this mistake seems on-brand for the franchise. However, Carson Wentz looked solid in his Commanders debut. The quarterback threw for 313, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in the victory.