Washington Football Team Fans Flat-Out Pummel One Another in Vicious Brawl: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden

Things got ugly in the stands during the Los Angeles Chargers and Washington Football Team game on Sunday (September 12th). 

A video of the fight surfaced on Twitter and features a man wearing a Washington Football Team Clinton Portis jersey getting into it with a man wearing a Sean Taylor jersey. 

Along with the brawl, Washington Football Team fans also experienced a downpour of foul-smelling substances when a pipe burst during Sunday’s game at the FedEx Field. As previously reported, fans were drenched with so-called sewage while in the stands. 

Sports Director and Anchor, Darren M. Haynes shared a video on Twitter of the liquid pouring onto Washington Football Team fans in the stands. He also quoted a witness who said, “It’s sewage.” The liquid hasn’t been identified. Those who ended up getting the liquid all over them were moved to suite seats.

Unfortunately, the Washington Football Team lost to the Los Angeles Chargers 20-16. 

Washington’s Football Team Is Currently Looking Into a New Mascot 

Earlier this month, the Washington Football Team’s Co-CEO, Tanya Snyder, stated that the team now has eight possible nicknames to replace the former mascot, the Redskins. The potential Washington Football Team’s name includes Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Redhawks, Commanders, Redwolves, Defenders, and just WFT. 

The Washington Football Team dropped the Redskins name prior to the 2020 NFL season. Over the summer, the team’s President, Jason Wright, announced plans to find a new mascot. “It’s no secret why we began this journey of finding a new brand identity. It centered around our old name and its use of Native American imagery and racialize language.”

Washington Football Team Names Taylor Heinicke as Starting Quarterback For New York Giants Game

Following Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Washington Football Team named Taylor Heinicke as its starting quarterback for Thursday’s game against the New York Giants. Heinicke will notably replace Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is on injured reserve with a hip subluxation. Kyle Allen will serve as the backup quarterback. 

Head Coach Ron Rivera spoke about Heinick’s new position. “I think our guys will rally around him. He plays a little bit like his hair’s on fire. And plays a little bit like a gunslinger. But I think he’s [maturing] a little bit. He understands what he has to do.”

Heinicke notably finished the game against the Los Angeles Charger 11-of-15 for 122 yards, including an 11-yard touchdown to Logan Thomas that gave the team a 16-13 at the beginning of the game’s third quarter. Rivera “goes on to add, “I thought he made some good decisions. He ran when he was supposed to run and a couple [of] times…he thought about running and turning up. He didn’t, and went out of bounds.”