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Washington Football Team: Internet Sleuths Again Think They’ve Discovered the Team’s New Name

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Fans have been furiously scouring the internet trying to figure out what the next team name for the Washington Football Team will be.

This has been one of the most pressing questions in the NFL for the last two years. Moving to a new direction and away from the controversial Redskins name has proven to be a challenge. At the end of the day, you aren’t going to be able to please everyone. The new name is going to be very important for the future of the franchise and fanbase morale.

A uniform combination leaked earlier in the month and since then fans have been dying to know what the name will be.

There was a list of names released as finalists, but nothing else outside of that. Internet sleuths have been trying to find domain names on the internet that are registered and connected to the franchise. When one reporter found a WashingtonAdmirals domain name that went straight to the Washington team’s site, it opened eyes.

Now, it appears that the Washington Commanders name has been “confirmed” by those online. Checking out what group owns the rights to, this Twitter user posted their findings.

However, this doesn’t tell the whole story for the Washington Football Team. While the names of those sites are pretty convincing, there is one common-sense answer. The team is likely going to buy the rights to various domain names in an effort to make sure they get the one they want. If that means picking multiple sites and team names before the big reveal, so be it.

During all of the internet sleuthing, another fan decided to do some digging.

So, for those hoping the Washington Football Team becomes the Washington Redtails, there’s hope.

Washington Football Team Name Remains Unknown

Fans and internet detectives are going to do all of the research and look into everything they can. However, until that official announcement comes out, no one knows what the final decision is going to be. The Washington Football Team will soon have a new name though, and fans really don’t want it to be Commanders.

“This need to ‘tie the name to the region’ is utter BS,” Rob P tweeted. “Just pick a good name and no one would scream. Ohh that’s not local.”

Another fan tweeted their disappointment. “Horrible name if true but this is exactly what I expect from Snyder. 2 years to choose a name and they botched it.”

While fans are going to talk and discuss from now until next Wednesday, there really is no way to know. The Washington Football Team is looking for a fresh start. Finally, something to move from the history of their old name and into the future a new franchise. Are they going to get it right? In the long run, will fans learn to accept whatever the new name is? Find out on Groundhogs Day.