Washington Football Team President Says New Name Won’t Be a ‘Random Bird’

by Chris Haney

A year later, the Washington Football Team is still considering new names for their franchise after dumping their controversial Redskins mascot. Team president Jason Wright recently stated that the organization will keep its classic color scheme. However, he also amusingly promised the team’s new mascot would not be a random bird.

Wright shared some details about Washington exploring new names for the franchise. The team doesn’t seem to be close to a decision, and will likely play next season as the Washington Football Team again. Yet, their team president did confirm the importance of not changing their burgundy and gold colors. He called their classic colors a “core aspect” of the team’s identity.

“A few things are starting to become clear,” Wright said to 106.7 The Fan, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “No. 1: Burgundy and gold should never change, period. That is a core aspect of the identity of this team. And we know it is important from all this research as well to make sure we don’t feel like an expansion club, and we’re tied to the history. We have to keep the burgundy and gold as a centerpiece to all of this.”

Washington’s team president also made other assurances to their fanbase. He said the team would be steering clear of any and all bird names for their new mascot.

“The other thing that we heard clearly is that something random would land poorly. We need something that’s connected to the history of the club or to the area or to something else that is meaningful to the fanbase already, meaningful to the area, etc. So picking some random-[expletive] bird mascot doesn’t feel like the right approach, at least from what we’ve seen so far.”

Washington will supposedly decide on its new name sometime this year.

Washington DE Chase Young Buys $85k Team Chain

The Washington Football Team may not have chosen it’s new team name yet. But their star rookie defensive end Chase Young is immortalizing the team’s current “W” logo with his newest jewelry purchase.

Young spent almost $85,000 on a custom 40-carat diamond pendant of Washington’s current “W” logo. The enormous piece comes paired with a thick rope chain to hold the large, extremely valuable pendant.

The defensive end has lived up to the hype this year after being drafted out of Ohio State. Following the end of Washington’s season, Young recently showed off his newest jewelry. The diamond-encrusted piece was made by W. Gabriel The Jeweler, who has created custom jewelry for numerous professional athletes.

While Young has already rewarded himself with his purchase, he may have more hardware coming his way soon. The standout defensive linemen is a leading contender for this year’s Rookie of the Year award.