Washington State Punter Just Pulled Off the Hail Mary of Punting: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

College football is great because you never know what will happen. Washington State’s punter might have saved his job today.

Usually, when a punt gets blocked, the defense is going to come out on top. However, Washington State punter Oscar Draguicevich III (great name) along with edge player Ron Stone Jr. flipped the script on California. Despite making a great play on special teams, the Bears were not rewarded for it.

These new Australian-style kickers are one of the best things to come to college football in quite a while. Holding the ball and rolling out wide allows the kicker to have more time but without losing much power Now, he can kick the ball, avoiding defenders, usually. Or, he might pull it and run to the first down. This punter kinda did both.

After the kick is blocked, the punter goes into freestyle mode. Try to get the ball, but if not, make a play. Stone Jr., was quick to recover the ball and his kicker lowered the shoulder for the block. Just as they drew it up, I bet. Seriously, the dive from the edge player for the first down was great. That’s why you watch college ball.

Today was a wild day of college football, and it is far from over. There have been great games all day. More than a few blowouts, and a lot of interesting moments. As far as Saturdays go, this has been a pretty good one.

Washington State Continues Wild Day in College Football

So far today the college football schedule has given us some fun results, videos, and more. Seriously, we haven’t even gotten to the headlining games of the night and there has been so much. First, we were introduced to perhaps the best mullet in the NCAA during the Georgia game.

Then, we witnessed Lane Kiffin throwing down the gauntlet before the Ole Miss game against Alabama. He said “Get your popcorn ready,” but besides one great catch to start, the game was a boring blowout. The Tide rolled to a 42-21 final score.

However, one of the more wild moments of the day happened when a pigeon was almost taken out during the Temple game. Memphis was coming down the field, threatening to score. On a deep pass inside the 10-yard line, a pigeon sat in the way of the Tigers receiver and two Owls defenders.

After ensuring the Tigers receiver was not going to catch the pass, the pigeon flew away. The game would end with a heroic final drive from Temple. They marched down the field and made great plays down the stretch. They took the win 34-31.

The pigeon was a bit of a good omen for the Owls…not so much with the Tigers.

Which is the better moment? The pigeon at Temple or the blocked punt recovery for Washington State?