WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Goes Anti-Cheesehead In Explanation About How He Adapts to Aging

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined the Pat McAfee Show and spoke about the importance of his diet in reference to the longevity of his playing career. Ironically, Rodgers has cut out all dairy from his diet, which must be tough living in the “Cheese State” of Wisconsin.

We can assume that not many Packers fans – also known as Cheeseheads – will join Rodgers in giving up dairy. But, the Super Bowl-winning QB says that it’s been an important factor that has made a difference in his health.

Rodgers joined former NFL punter Pat McAfee on his show, which included his former Packers teammate, linebacker A.J. Hawk. The three spoke about Green Bay clinching first in the NFC with a 13-3 record. In addition, they talked about Rodgers’ personal accomplishments in what has been one of the quarterback’s best seasons of his career.

Many NFL analysts are saying the 37-year-old quarterback is the front-runner for this season’s MVP award. His regular season statistics speak for themselves. Aaron Rodgers has thrown 48 touchdowns, only thrown 5 interceptions, and has a QB Rating of 84.4 on the season. He leads the NFL in each of those categories, and has put Green Bay in prime position for another Super Bowl run.

One of the secrets behind his great year has been figuring out his diet. Through a long process of trial and error, Rodgers found what foods work best for him, and which ones don’t.

Aaron Rodgers Cut Out Gluten and Dairy, Feels Better Than Ever

McAfee asked Aaron Rodgers about any changes he’s made to be able to continue to play at such a high level at his age. The quarterback pointed to a change in his diet, which he said took some time to figure out. He also jokingly acknowledged that his fans in Wisconsin won’t want to hear about him cutting out cheese from his diet. Yet, Rodgers swears by the results.

“The great people of Wisconsin don’t like hearing this a lot, but I say it because it’s the truth. Cutting gluten, and most importantly for me because of my blood type, dairy out of my diet has really made a difference in my body. It’s changed the way my joints respond. It’s changed the way my skin and body respond,” Rodgers explained on the Pat McAfee Show.

Wisconsin residents will surely give Rodgers a pass for excluding cheese from his diet. As long as the Packers keep winning, the Cheeseheads will be happy regardless.