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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Had a Reaction for the Ages After Getting Rocked by Late Hit

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has taken some tough hits during his time as a National Football League player.

Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers team took on the Arizona Cardinals last night in a great Thursday Night Football matchup. The game was a real nail-biter between two NFC teams with real hopes of making the NFL playoffs. Aaron Rodgers was his usual self — doing Aaron Rodgers things — putting his team in a position to win the game. Looking to extend his team’s lead over the Cardinals, the Green Bay quarterback fired a pass toward the endzone for a touchdown. Despite throwing for a touchdown, Rodgers took a huge hit from an Arizona Cardinals defender. Big hits are nothing new for Aaron Rodgers, having spent 16 years quarterbacking the Green Bay Packers. So, after the big hit in Thursday’s contest, the quarterback didn’t flinch. Instead, he popped up and looked to see the end result of the play and gave us this terrific facial expression.

“Rodgers took the tough late hit, but still delivered the touchdown,” the Twitter post says.

This is about as textbook Aaron Rodgers as it gets. He lies on the field having just had a 300-pound man crash into him at full speed. His helmet is halfway off of his head as he gets acquainted with the turf in the Arizona Cardinals State Farm Stadium. It looks like his entire face has been jarred loose but Aaron Rodgers cares about one thing when he’s on the field and that is winning. His touchdown pass put the Packers ahead of the Cardinals by a score of 17-7 in a critical moment of the contest.

Aaron Rodgers Leads Green Bay Packers to Victory

Last night’s game would be a win-win for Aaron Rodgers, his team and NFL fans around the world. Rodgers and the Packers got a big win and football fans got a meme that we can and will use…often.

Despite occurring just last night, the Aaron Rodgers facial expression meme is blowing up on social media. Rodgers has an excellent sense of humor and probably doesn’t care that he is now a meme. It would surprise no one if he actually uses his facial expression meme in the future. His teammates are already getting in their shots. Check out Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari’s latest social media post.

“When she asks for the Rodgers Rate,” he says in the tweet.

You can’t help but laugh at this post as it is pure comedic gold. The Packers big man is poking fun at his quarterback’s State Farm Insurance commercials.

Aaron Rodgers would go on the lead the Green Bay Packers over the Arizona Cardinals by a final score of 24-21. Rodgers had 184 yards passing and threw for two touchdowns. Both teams now have a 7-1 record on the season.