WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Trolls the Bears (Again) in Viral Post-Game Interview

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers earned their first victory of the 2022 season after defeating the Chicago Bears 27-10. Of course, MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers made sure to rub it in when talking about the big win against Green Bay’s NFC North rivals. Trolling the Bears and their fans seems to be a favorite pastime of the Super Bowl-winning QB. And his most recent amusing post-game comments didn’t disappoint.

Last night’s Sunday Night Football game saw Chicago travel north for a primetime matchup at historic Lambeau Field. After an ugly 7-23 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, Rodgers and co. bounced back in Week 2. The four-time NFL MVP threw for 234 yards and two touchdowns in the dominant win.

Once again, Aaron Rodgers had Chicago’s number on Sunday. That’s something Bears fans have had to get used to during the 38-year-old’s 17 seasons in Green Bay. In fact, last night’s win brings Rodgers’ record against the Bears to 23-5. That’s a win percentage of 82%, so Rodgers has every right to gloat when it comes to Chicago.

After the game, Aaron Rodgers and running back Aaron Jones spoke with sideline reporter Melissa Stark. Rodgers couldn’t help himself during the interview and made sure to get in an extra dig or two at Chicago’s expense.

“I love history, and there’s a long history of games between these two teams,” Aaron Rodgers said. “Now we’ve won 104 times against ’em…”

“Not that you’re counting,” Stark joked.

“No, I think everybody in Green Bay is countin’ for sure,” Rodgers added with a sly smile.

Rodgers is known for trolling the Bears and their fans from time to time. One of his most well-known smack talks came last season after scoring a late 4th quarter touchdown. While celebrating his rushing TD at Soldier Field, he screamed at Bears fans in the stands saying “I still own you! I still own you!” After Sunday’s game, Rodgers indeed still owns the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers Criticizes His Home State of California During Podcast Appearance

In other recent Aaron Rodgers news, the quarterback made an appearance on comedian and political commentator Bill Maher’s podcast last week. The episode that released last Sunday included a segment where Rodgers addressed policies he disagrees with in his home state of California.

Rodgers has dealt with his own fair share of criticism in the last couple of years. Last season, he came under fire for saying he was “immunized,” but he had not taken the Covid-19 vaccine. The QB is supposedly allergic to ingredients used in the vaccines.

Maher broached the subject and asked Rodgers’ opinion on the current state of California. Since the NFL pro grew up in Chica, California and attended UC Berkeley, he’s very in tune with his home state and the decisions officials have made.

California has had some of the most stringent rules in the nation when it comes to Covid-related policies. During his podcast appearance, Aaron Rodgers bashed his home state for not having more nuanced policies that take all areas of California into consideration.

He thinks some policies might make sense for larger cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, Rodgers disagrees with some of the rules that have directly impacted his small hometown of Chico. That’s why he shared some scathing remarks with host Bill Maher on the podcast.

“The state’s going to s**t, but I’m hanging on,” Aaron Rodgers said about California on the podcast. “I grew up in a small town, very little cases up in Chico, California, but all the small businesses? F***ing gone.”