WATCH: Adam Thielen Speaks Out on Nickname ‘White Claw’: ‘Don’t Feel Great About it’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

With “White Claw” quickly gaining viral traction, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, Adam Thielen shares his thoughts on the nickname.

Since ESPN NFL Analyst Mina Kimes suggested the nickname “White Claw” for Adam Thielen during a discussion about white wide receivers, the nickname has stuck.

During an interview on the Pat McAfee Show, McAfee asked Thielen for his thoughts on the nickname.

“Umm…Don’t feel great about it,” replied Thielen. “There’s much better options than that,” he continued as he laughed. 

Pat McAfee continued to point out that, “White Claw has been gaining some steam on the internet.”

Adam Thielen Says No “Self-Proclaimed” Nicknames

What would Thielen’s ideal nickname be? 

‘We have a thing within the locker room,” said Thielen. “We have things that we’re up on and things we’re down on. One of the main things we’re down on is self-proclaimed nicknames. So I’m not going to get into that, for sure.”

Although, according to McAfee, the “White Claw” really does make sense.

“You know she [Kimes] said ‘White Claw would be a great nickname for a white receiver’ and everyone was like, ‘Adam Thielen, white wide receiver, here we go.’ And then two days later you made that grab in the back of the end zone, one-handed. And while you were falling, you flipped it onto your chest to make it a little more sturdy…and the internet was like, because you clawed it, ‘White Claw is at it!’”

Although it doesn’t seem like Thielen will be embracing the nickname anytime soon, we can rest assured that he won’t be trying to make a “self-proclaimed” nickname happen either.