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WATCH: Andy Reid Gets Kansas City Chiefs Fans Unbelievably Hyped with Post-Game Statement

by Jon D. B.
WATCH Andy Reid Gets Kansas City Chiefs Fans Unbelievably Hyped with Post-Game Statement
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

“Andy Reid knows how to hype up Kansas City” tweets The Bleacher Report – and they’re right.

Kansas City is headed back to the Super Bowl for 2021’s LV on February 7th, at 6:30 p.m. EST, after all. They’ll face The Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Brady & the Bucs defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-26 in the NFC championship Sunday.

While this presents more than stiff competition, Reid is riding high still after last year’s Super Bowl victory. This year, they choked the Buffalo Bills from taking their first Super Bowl berth in decades.

With all of this under his belt, Andy Reid is ready to get fans riled up for another victory. And as Kansas City fans will tell you – no one does it better. Watch as Reid gets the crowd going alongside his Championship-winning team.

“We love the Chiefs’ fans!” Coach Reid shouts. “Let’s give ’em some right now!”

Andy Reid & Chiefs Ready for “Back to Back” Super Bowl Wins

If nothing else has Kansas City fans pumped, their team having the best NFL record for the season at 14-2 is enough reason to celebrate. With such strong numbers backing them, “the reigning champs are trying to become the first team since Tom Brady’s New England Patriots to win back-to-back Super Bowls,” says Outsider‘s sports pro Quentin Blount.

“Only seven teams (including the Pittsburgh Steelers, who did it twice) have ever accomplished the feat. Further, only two teams — the Patriots and the Denver Broncos –have won consecutive titles after the 1994 season. That’s when the league installed a salary cap,” Blount rounds out.

And to say the Chiefs have made a comeback in modern sports history would be a massive understatement. Their Super Bowl victory last year was only their third appearance in the franchise’s history. Moreover, it was their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Now, thanks to their defeat of Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills at 38-24 in the AFC Championship Game, they’re headed right back. As such, fans will be treated to a Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady rematch.

“It will be a QB do-over of the 2018 AFC Championship, during which Brady’s Patriots beat the Chiefs, who were still a year away from winning their first title,” adds Blount. “Some would say it’s getting old seeing Brady in the Super Bowl but you have to admit, the Old vs. New matchup between Brady and Mahomes will be spectacular to watch,” he concludes.

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