WATCH: Angels Pitcher Dylan Bundy Vomits on Mound During Game Against New York Yankees

by Quentin Blount

As many of us know in the United States, it has been hot lately just about everywhere. Yankee Stadium in Concourse, Bronx, New York City, is no exception. Just ask Dylan Bundy.

Most of us get to enjoy our air conditioning, shade, fans, and other ways to cool down in the summer heat. But Los Angeles Angels pitcher Dylan Bundy did not have that luxury on Monday against the Yankees. He had just got Brett Gardner to ground out in the bottom of the second inning. That’s when the 90-degree temperatures at Yankee Stadium started to really get to him.

Dylan Bundy, noticeably not feeling well, had been sweating and he had already given up two runs on four hits. He was about to face Yankees player DJ LeMahieu at the plate before bending over behind the pitcher’s mound and throwing up quite a few times. He was quickly met on the field by members of the Angels medical staff and was forced to leave the game. Bundy had thrown just 43 pitches at that point.

The official Jomboy Media Twitter account posted video footage of Bundy losing his lunch for everyone to see. Have a look below if you so choose:

Meanwhile, the Angels pitcher has struggled mightily so far this year. He came into the game with a 1-7 record and a 6.78 ERA in his 14 starts. He was replaced by left-hander Jose Suarez who was already warming up back in the bullpen.

Fans React to Dylan Bundy Puking on the Field at Yankee Stadium

Turns out that even Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was in attendance for the Yankees and Angels game. He had a front-row seat just off the first base side of home plate. Based on his reaction, he was predictably grossed out but he may have found the entire Dylan Bundy situation a little amusing. The look on his face says it all.

Other baseball fans on social media, meanwhile, were about as ruthless as they could be. Speaking of which, a couple of fans — who are evidently not fans of the Yankees — replied with their thoughts.

“I throw up every night watching the Yankees play but no one cares.”

“Watching the Yankees lately has made me sick too.”

Another fan left a message saying, “Listen bro, if I’m throwing up in front of thousands of people, the last thing I want is another grown man out there comforting me. Let me be my guy. I don’t need you patting me on the back telling me to get it all out.”

Another one of the most-liked comments came from a fellow baseball fan who said, “It’s just beer, let the kids play!!”

It’s going to be hard for Dylan Bundy to live this one down.