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WATCH: Arizona State, Arizona Rivalry Boils Over Into All-Out Mascot Fight

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils are keeping the spirit of college football rivalries alive with a mascot fight. That’s right. One of those sideline spectacles that feels like a thing of the past. Except out in Arizona. Those folks aren’t afraid to put on a show.

Wilbur Wildcat and Sparky the Sun Devil got a little too close on the sidelines. Both teams had their cheer squads near one another and emotions boiled over. Sparky threw a nasty combo into Wilbur that about knocked the Wildcats’ head off.

Before the cheer teams got involved and pulled the two apart, this one looked like it would be a knockout. Sparky can throw hands, y’all. Don’t mess with him. This mascot fight was basically a TKO as it gets broken up before it got really ugly.

Just like luchadors, these two kept it respectful and made sure to not knock the mask off. Wilbur almost had his entire identity exposed. Can’t have that. Look, if you’re going to have a college football game on Friday, let alone Pac-12 action after Thanksgiving, it’s going to get weird.

Neither team has had a great season, with both entering rivalry week with a losing record. If the Sun Devils are victorious like they were in the mascot fight, then both teams will finish the season with a 4-8 record. No bowling for either of these Arizona teams.

Mascot Fight Foreshadowed Late Game Scuffle

The Arizona and Arizona State rivalry is more than a goofy mascot fight. This rivalry is able to produce some great games, even when the teams involved aren’t at their best. The Sun Devils were up in this game, but not by much at halftime. When the Wildcats fired back in the third quarter, State had to do its best to keep up.

With just a minute and a half to go, the Sun Devils had the ball at the 50-yard line and were down 35-38. While they were set up to go for a field goal to tie, the Devils wanted to win this game over the Wildcats. If they know they aren’t going to be bowl eligible, might as well go out with a win over your biggest rival.

However, pressure from the Wildcats’ defense proved to be too much. A late interception sealed this game for Arizona. While the Sun Devils won the mascot fight, the Wildcats won the game. A small scuffle broke out at the end of this game as though that fight was foreshadowing how this game would come to an end.