WATCH: Arkansas Football Fans Rush the Field in a Moment of Triumph That Will Have You Smiling

by Quentin Blount

It doesn’t get much better than a cool fall breeze and college football on Saturdays. It’s even more meaningful when something special happens. Just ask the Arkansas football team.

If you know college football, then you probably know that the Arkansas Razorbacks have not been a very good team in recent years. Part of that reason is that they play in the Southeastern Conference, otherwise known as the toughest conference in the entire nation. But more than that, they just haven’t had the talent or the coaching to get better. But it looks like that might be changing.

Arkansas fans and students rushed the field after their big win over the Texas Longhorns on Saturday. And if you know the behind-the-scenes story of the Arkansas Athletic Department and their complete rebuild, then you know just how emotional this win was for Hunter Yurachek. Yurachek is currently in his fourth year as the athletic director for the university. And it looks like he has quickly built one of the better athletic departments in the nation.

Take a look at the video down below. You can watch the fans and students rush the field, and watch Yurachek embrace the man he hired to turn around the Razorbacks football team, Sam Pittman.

“If you ever wondered why it just means more…,” the caption from Barstool Sports reads.

Arkansas Football Fans Share Their Emotion on Social Media

For the University of Arkansas, this big win of the Longhorns was special for just about everyone involved. College football fans on Twitter responded to the video from Barstool Sports to express their thoughts.

“College football just means more,” one fan said. “You don’t get that fan excitement in the NFL outside of the Super Bowl. Props to the AD for letting the fans have a moment. Arkansas needed that.”

Meanwhile, the team still has its doubters. Another person commented asking, “It’s Texas, is this really a big deal?”

That was followed up by another user’s defense of the team.

“Go google the Razorbacks past seasons, 2-10 last year. They’ve consistently been the lowest of the lows in the SEX and that’s a horrible place to be a bad team. Then they come out and destroy Texas (who is supposedly back [by the way]). That win is massive for their program.”

There is no doubt that it’s an awesome moment to see a packed fan base storm a football field. But this moment couldn’t be more awesome for Hunter Yurachek. It had to feel pretty special to watch the man he hired lead them to a big win over a big-time program like Texas. But for as high as his emotions were, he wanted the fans to enjoy the win as well.