WATCH: Ashton Kutcher Rolls Up to College Gameday in a Combine Harvester, and It Doesn’t Get More Iowa Than That

by Megan Molseed

You can take the man out of Iowa, but you’ll never take Iowa out of the man! It’s looking as if Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have any intention of losing any of his Iowa roots, either. And Iowans are loving every minute of it. Well, at least the Iowans who are donning the Iowa Hawkeye gear are loving Kutcher’s black and gold Iowa pride!

One of the University of Iowa’s most famous former students, as well as one of the Iowa Hawkeye’s biggest fans rolled up onto the competition today. And, of course, the Iowa native had to make this appearance in pure Iowa style.

Ashton Kutcher Arrives In Hawkeye Style

When Kutcher arrived in Ames this morning, he was there to not only cheer on his alma mater but also to serve as guest host for ESPN’s College GameDay.

Ashton Kutcher never misses one of these matchups. And, it appears he took a moment to remember parts of his Iowa childhood when he arrived at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, home of the Cyclones, in a Hawkeye-colored combine. Hawkeye fans loved it…and the Cyclone fans didn’t really seem to care.

When the former That ’70s Show star arrived at the Cyclone field to cheer on his Iowa Hawkeyes, Kutcher went full “college-game-day-spirit” for his College GameDay guest-hosting role. The longtime actor, and Cedar Rapids Iowa native, pulled up in style driving a black and gold combine. The massive vehicle was even flying some Hawkeye flags as Kutcher arrived.

“Only in Iowa would our guest picker ride in on this,” noted College GameDay in a Saturday morning tweet.

And, really, the College GameDay Twitter page is right.

It is only in Iowa that first, a Hollywood star would show up each year to cheer on their home team in the much-anticipated rivalry game – because let’s face it, once you’ve picked between the Hawkeye’s black and gold; or the Cyclone’s cardinal and gold – you are a fan for life.

And, that second, it’s ‘only in Iowa’ that a star such as Ashton Kutcher would not only arrive in the game in a combine, but he would pull up knowing full well that it’s very likely that everyone on – and off – the field not only knows what the combine is, but each one has very likely ridden one themselves, sometime in their lives. Iowa State University is home to one of the country’s biggest agricultural programs.

A Longtime Rivalry for the College GameDay Feature

The College GameDay crew even made the trek to Ames, Iowa’s Jack Trice Stadium where the Iowa State Cyclones were hosting the University of Iowa Hawkeyes to meet up with the star.

The Hawkeyes have long defined themselves as the leader in this rivalry. They will take the field with a 45-19 advantage over Iowa State in the Cy-Hawk rivalry. The Hawkeye’s have taken home the match-up trophy during the last five matchups.