WATCH: Baker Mayfield and Cleveland Browns Honor Fans Last Dying Wish

by Matthew Wilson

Fans got to stick together. Baker Mayfield and Cleveland Browns fans rally behind a dying Browns fan to honor one of his last wishes.

In addition to being both a pastor and father, Tom Seipel has been a life long Browns fan. But this will probably be his last season. Doctors diagnosed Seipel with kidney cancer. And the football fan has entered hospice with only weeks to live. Seipel’s dying wish, besides a Super Bowl victory, was to see the Browns play one last time.

Seipel’s situation connected with fellow fans on Reddit, including an anonymous fan who runs the Angry Browns Fans Instagram page. That decided to help Seipel achieve his dream by setting up a GoFundMe to fund his trip.

In a statement, the fan wrote, “I believe that the Cleveland Browns are lucky to have a man like Tom in their corner. His loyalty knows no limits. He has been riding with them from quite literally the beginning to the end. While originally from Columbus, Ohio, Tom is with his family in Savannah, Georgia. Tom’s family is battling both cancer and medical bills. In my correspondence with Tom, he said that he would love nothing more than to go to one last Browns game, but money is kind of tight right now.”

The initial goal for the page was $1,200 to fund the trip. But Browns fans and others have rallied behind Seipel. They raised over $18,000, which will help his family after he’s gone.

Cleveland Brown Quarterback Baker Mayfield Offers His Support

Seipel’s story has even reached Baker Mayfield, who recorded a video offering his support to the fan. In the video, he thanked him for his years of supporting the team and expressed sympathy for his battle with cancer. Mayfield’s wife Emily offered Seipel and his family their suite so they could watch the game in style.

Seipel will get to live out his wish later tonight when the Browns face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The sports fan is overjoyed and touched by the outpouring of support.