WATCH: Baseball Game Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong in Uncomfortable Scene

by Shelby Scott

It’s every person’s proposal nightmare and this poor fellow just brought that to life. An unnamed man was caught on video proposing to his girlfriend by the dugouts at a Massachusetts minor league game. It’s not an uncommon practice. That’s also not to say that there aren’t women out there who would dream of a proposal such as this. Unfortunately in this situation, the event didn’t go as planned to say the least.

The proposal took place on the Worcester Red Sox’s big screen at Polar Park. Prior to the woman’s rejection, we can hear the crowd cheering them on in the background. Movies and TV shows alike regularly idealize grand gestures like this, but apparently, this young woman was not a fan. One has to pity both of them as the girlfriend looks both shocked and mortified. And obviously, the young man is clearly embarrassed and dumbfounded.

Following the man’s absolutely cringe-inducing proposal and awkward moment as the couple briefly stares at each other, viewers see the young woman run away, hands over her face. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” you hear her say as she runs up the stairs.

What made the clip even worse is that the man remains on one knee as his girlfriend left. Not only that, but he looks to the big screen. Either he’s hoping no one saw, or praying everyone forgets. Following, he then gets up and makes his way up the stairs after the woman.

Was it a Fake Proposal?

As if the proposal itself didn’t go badly enough, witnesses in the large crowd speculated the event went so terrible it had to be staged. One source even said that it had to be a stunt. Possible? Sure. In fact, the TruTV hit show “Impractical Jokers” actually turned an event almost exactly the same as this into a punishment for one of the jokers. After watching that and this video, I’m not sure many of you will go the route of grand-gesture-baseball-game proposal.

Nevertheless, an unnamed source told the New York Post that the proposal truly wasn’t planned. According to them, there were in fact family members of both the man and the woman sitting in the crowd. If that was the case, then the man will be facing even more embarrassment than viewers initially get from the video.

Witnesses to the event turned to social media to warn the digital public that grand gestures like this one are not always appreciated following the video going viral. Though sweet and romantic in theory, don’t assume your significant other is up to such an event; especially if it’s not something they are typically interested in in the first place.