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WATCH: Bills Fans Chuck Baby, Breaking Folding Table in Celebration of Playoff Win

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills fans are a folding table’s mortal enemy. How else do you explain the frequency fans like to smash through them? This baby got its introduction into the Bills Mafia early in life.

They’re certainly not winning any parent of the year awards. But the Bills faithful probably couldn’t be prouder to watch this baby take its first table slam. The toddler got a little help from what appears to be his father. The entire family was dressed in Bills’ garb including the youngest member.

Lifting the toddler, the fan gently tossed him through a miniature folding table, smashing it in half. Perhaps, the family will have a future wrestler on their hands. Or you know, just another Bills fan. The family did include padding underneath the table. And a Bills’ cake on top of the table. But we’re uncertain if that would have cushioned the toddler’s fall. The cake certainly got smashed, and the toddler appears unharmed.

Buffalo Bills Advance to the AFC Championship

The family certainly had a lot to celebrate even if not everyone agrees in the manner they celebrate. Table smashing has become a tradition among Bills’ fans in recent years, especially at tailgates. It’s become such an issue that some people had to put up signs forbidding the tradition. And there were talks of criminal charges for a few fans back in 2018.

Earlier this month, a few fans took table smashing to the extreme. With a little gasoline, they lit the table on fire before delivering that signature Bills’ smash. Fortunately, they had a little nearby snow to put out their pants before they went the way of all those wayward liars.

The Bills and their fans are in a good mood today after a victory over the Baltimore Ravens. The team pulled out all the stops, including a record-tying interception to advance to the next round. This is the first time the Bills have made it to the AFC Championship since 1994 when they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

Should they win the AFC Championship and eventually the Super Bowl, it would be their first national championship victory in the history of the NFL. If that ends up being the case, folding tables better watch their backs. Because there will probably be a mass table smashing in the near future.