WATCH: Bills Fans Get into Insane Brawl in the Stands During Wild Card Game

by Matthew Wilson

The Buffalo Bills game got intense for a reason that not many may have anticipated. Heads turned away from the field to the stands. Two fans got into a brawl, duking it out like they were at a wrestling match instead.

What’s a sporting event without a couple of fans acting wildly inappropriate and ruining the game for others? Sporting events can be notorious for the occasional brawl both on and off the field. Things get intense, words are said, and fists start flying. Still, it takes effort to start a fight during social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines.

There were 6,700 people in attendance at the game. But apparently, two of them had a major disagreement. One guy allegedly stole the other’s hat. According to the TikTok uploader, that’s what kicked-off the fight. But that doesn’t explain additional fans fighting in the background. Friends of the two, perhaps?

Eventually, others broke up the fight. It is unknown if the men were ejected from the stadium or not.

Buffalo Bills Fan Smashes Table

Buffalo Bills fans might secretly be into wrestling. At least, this fan wasn’t fighting anyone. But he certainly has an eyebrow-raising method of celebrating. This fan lit a table on fire out in the snow and body-slammed his friend through the flaming dining room furniture.

It’s a move that wouldn’t be out of place on the WWE. But they appear to be having fun and not injured. You can’t blame fans for being a bit overeager and excited by Jan. 9’s victory over the Indianapolis Colts. That game was a hard fought war until the finish. The Bills took the victory by just three points, winning 27 to 24.

The Bills will next play the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 16. Should the Bills continue forward and make it to the championship, it will be their first Super Bowl win in NFL history. The team still has a ways to go. But fans are excited to watch when they’re not fighting that is.