WATCH: Bills Mafia Helps Shovel Players Out of Deep Snow Ahead of Sunday’s Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

As if they had to prove themselves further, Bills Mafia went above and beyond on Saturday for their NFL team. Multiple members of the Buffalo Bills showed off the kindness their neighbors showed them on Saturday. With a game on Sunday, getting out of the driveway was a necessity.

Due to an insane amount of snow that fell in the last two days in the Buffalo area, not only was practice canceled on Friday, but the game on Sunday had to be moved to Detroit. Although the game time arrangements were made, these players and coaches still had to get to the airport.

Fans and neighbors got their snowplows, shovels, and other tools together to help get these folks to the airport. Bills Mafia is built different.

When there are three feet of snow on the ground, you can’t just get out onto the road. Those driveways were packed tight with snow from the looks of it. Dawson Knox and others were treated to first-class accommodations. Now, they can get out to Detroit and do what they gotta do. Play a football game.

The Bills still have to take on the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Having to switch gears and move a home game to another state is tough to do. These last couple of weeks haven’t been great, either. This Buffalo team has not played its best football and fans are wanting to see that change.

With the support of the Bills Mafia, maybe the team will have a little extra energy this weekend.

Bills Mafia Helps Team Make Flight to Detroit

After the videos and photos of Bills Mafia shoveling snow went viral, the real question was – did everyone make the flight? According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the players and coaches began boarding their flight around 4:00 PM EST. So, it seems as though the work that the Mafia did, paid off.

You really could only get this kind of story out of Buffalo. There aren’t many cities or markets that are close enough, small enough, and passionate enough. Hearing that the team made the flight has to make those fans feel like they are part of the effort this week more than they usually are.

While the Bills had to move their game from Buffalo to Detroit, their fans are still showing out as best they can and in any way that they can.